Stinkmix 22 – New World Odour stream & dl

Stinkmix 22 – New World Odour stream & dl

I reckon this one is from sometime in 2003 judging by the tracks and some online date verification (dates/cat #’s etc ..never really my thing) and a good number of the tracks were bought from Conch when it was just off High Street.

If I say so myself (and I do) this one has some right thunderball scorchulating tunes about its person. The Quantic rework that kicks it off is from a seriously overlooked comp and that track was my most favoured opener for quite some time around this time. Not sure what was inspiring the decade old NYC jeep beat fest that follows apart from I have a couple of crates of that gear and that shit never gets old. There’s the inevitable Ramsey Lewis favourite (how many RL favourites can you have? you may ask – how many stars in the sky? how many spent syringes on Australian beaches? I will enigmatically respond (almost as annoyingly as this double bracketing nonsense!!)) and then a dollop of funk, the gentlest whiff of rocksteadyfying machinations and reggaematical hooha with some magic Doooooom and before you know it we’re on the final lap with a Message From A Black Man version excursion that could have gone on & on & on. Along the way there’s gear that reminds me of Khuja RIP (That killer Blackbeard mix of Nas’s Heaven and Urbs’n’Cutex’s No Escape for starters), Canadians at the top of their game (Kardinal & kru melting D Brown with one of Jay Z’s finest) some record refugees from the last trip back to the homeland (Charlie Barnett courtesy of Mr Whateva’s doubles crate and that overlooked Life track It’s Not About That) and a whole bunch of superior wax that has done its time in the trenches!

A title I’d been waiting to use for ages, artwork courtesy of Cherry Sprinkles before she was even Cherry Sprinkles… and the usual spoken word folly and fx fandangulationary behaviours…please do dig in.

As usual you can stream from Mixcloud or there’s a download link (but not forever) and don’t forget that just because it doesn’t have a Buy icon next to it in Mixcloud it doesn’t mean you can’t get your mitts on it, so don’t be afraid of digital digging in pursuit of pungent plunder!

Stinkmix 22 – New World Odour by Stinkyjim on Mixcloud

Downoload (limited time)

01 Michel Magne – Compartiment Teurs (Quantic Rework)
02 Blockhead – Carnivores Unite
03 T.N.T. – The 4 Boroughs
04 Dontay Presents Da Dead Beatz – No, No, No!
05 East Side Hoods – Funky Smile
06 Aldo Vanucci – Everything’s Alright
07 Urbs’n’Cutex – No Escape
08 Life feat Skit Slam – It’s Not About That
09 Charlie Barnett & His Orchestra – Music To Watch Girls By
10 Ramsey Lewis – Popcorn ’69
11 Billy Ball & The Upsetters – Popcorn ’69
12 Mickey & The Soul Generation – Chocolate
13 Prince Francis – Rocking Machine
14 Price Buster – Why Am I Treated So Bad
15 Im & Dave – Great Guga Muga
16 Jay Z – Lucifer (Black Jays Rmx)
17 Nas – Heaven (Blackbeard Rework)
18 Science Fiction ft MF Doom – Hold On
19 King Geedorah ft Mr Fantastik – Anti-Matter
20 Mickey & The Soul Generation – Message From A Black Man
21 The Heptones – Message From A Black Man
22 Sound Dimension – Message From Dub


Hiya Jim thanks so much for posting your mixes everyone a great listen I remember mystery mysterya (I know thats wrong but something like it) was a great one (hint hint) and thanks again as Perth is the 2nd most spread out city in the world top tunes are essential when driving

Cheers Grant
Always good to hear from you feller and glad the mixes are finding favour, there’s a LOT more to come.
No need for a hint with Mystery Mistura – it was already lined up as this weeks. It’s up there now
Live Up

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