Stinkmix 23 – Aromatherapy

Stinkmix 23 – Aromatherapy

Time for another Stinkmix from the archives methinks, and this’uns a bit of a favereet too –  though it’s not quite in the ranks of the all time champs like last times Tribute To Harry Mudie or the upcoming Mystery Mistura, or a select few of the others I’ll soon be posting for posterity.

Hanyways this is very much on the loungey/soundtracky/library tip with a lot of op-shop scores, alongside some compilation and re-issue niceness from when I was treating Dusty Grooves etc orders like a jonesing jaunt to ‘the corner’. Love the fact that Mark Pritchard’s Harmonic 33 gear, which is the only modern/non-authentic tackle throughout, slips in so seamlessly with the vintage vibes.

Even though it’s really all about the music this has some of my favourite dialogue/sting drops with everything from the perennially lewd and large Red Foxx and a number of his  US comedic peers, to crying cats, Johnny Morris, Get Smart, The Sweeney, John Lydon, Lou Rawls, famous conductors, Monty Python, some language lessons and advice records and naturally some Folkways recorded Southern rednecks along the trail, not to mention all points inbetween.
So basically – bonus levels for headphone listeners, but equal opportunity ear time in an equalized, egalitarian style and fashion for one and all.

Streamers, dreamers, full fat creamers and bad boys in beemers can access the Mixcloud malarkey just below.
Dirty ole downloaders will find a link (for a short time only) further down, just before the tracklist.

Stinkmix 23 – Aromatherapy by Stinkyjim on Mixcloud



01 Optigan -Harmonic 33
02 Jade East – Ramsey Lewis
03 Hair – Galt McDermot
04 Hawaiian Eye – Buddy Morrow & Double Impact Orch.
05 Big Shot – Keith Mansfield
06 Chief’s Drive To Mayor – Quincy Jones
07 The Departure Lounge – Harmonic 33
08 Safari Park – Roger Roger
09 Soul Coaxing – Norrie Paramour & His Orch.
10 Viva Tirado – Percy Faith
11 Cookin’ With Ali – Louie Ramirez
12 Yo Perdi El Corazon – Lita Branda
13 Agua De Beber – Astrid Gilberto
14 Agua De Beber – The Walter Wanderley Trio
15 Mu-Cha-Cha – Living Marimbas
16 Take It Easy My Brother Charles – Som Tres
17 Vodka Per Due – Franco Micalizzi
18 El Pa Raiso – Walter Kubizcick
19 Hangin’ Paper – Quincy Jones
20 Song for Delilah – Arthur Lyman
21 Delilah – Ramsey Lewis Trio
22 Impressions – Peddlers & London Philharmonic Orch.
23 Psychedelic Portrait – Jack Arel
24 Misty Canyon – Sven Libaek
25 Accadde A Bali – Accadde A
26 The In Crowd – Dick Hyman & Harpsichord

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