Stinkmix 24 – Musky Moments

Stinkmix 24 – Musky Moments

This, I suspect, may be the last mix that I did that was all vinyl based and from a shufty at the tracks I’m reckoning it’s from sometime around 2009. The move to digital has in some ways killed off the need for Stinkmixes and suchlike as part of the gig was always transporting tunes that were wax only to another format – I’m not sure that doing mixes on Traktor, now that most everything is bits and bytes has quite the same appeal. However having said that, I do intend to cook up a new mix or 2 before/over Xmas, especially as this week’s Stinky Grooves is the last for the year (Kendrick Lamar next week…cannot wait, Xmarse day the week after – though I will run a show on New Years Day, what better way to start the year?!).

So Musky Moments has a regulation dose of Weatherall, some dubstep before it went orf (in all possible translations) and a fruity end (surprise surprise) that is heralded by one of my favourite (non-RTM) local instrumentals of recent times courtesy of Scott Detail and the Solidest Coco. Let’s not spoil the surprise with too many clues – jump in and have a look around…..

Download here…. fer now

01 Jerk Machine – Roger Roger
02 Darlin’ (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Xx Teens
03 Cryin’ Blood (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – V V Brown
04 Test Me For A Reason – Zomby
05 Clunk Click Every Trip – Peverlist
06 Shreds – Geiom & Appleblim
07 Green Ranger – Ld
08 Black Sun –  Kode 9
09 Township Funk (Mark Pritchard Remix) – Dj Mujava
10 Sour 24 Hour – Richard Sen & Cazbee
11 Verdad (Ghislain Poirier Remix) – Fedaden
12 Mecha Squirrel Pt 1 – Depth Charge
13 Graffiti Girls (Instrumental) – Coco Solid
14 Spaceman – Zomby
15 Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Remix) – Martyn
16 Move Me (Thomas Fehlmann Remix) – Gudrun Gut
17 Don’t Unless – Romain Bno
18 Rock Machine No 3 – Roger Roger
19 I Am Very Sorry – Noor Jehan


Cheers Jim this is a new one for me track selection looks hot some classics plus stuff I have yet to hear wouldn’y be a stinkmix without some surprises looking forward to listening in the car thanks again for all the posts

my pleasure grant…we have to keep those western australian roads humming and stinkmixes is the only way. seasons best to you and yours geez.

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