Stinkmix Ate (8) -On The Prowl

Stinkmix Ate (8) -On The Prowl

By my reckonings this is another mix from 1999/2000 when I seem to have had a bit of a spurt on for making the compilations and all that. Having a listen to this one as I digested it into iTunes, joined the tracks, converted it, uploaded it to Mixcloud and timestamped the tracks, uploaded it to Mediafire etc etc (it’s a bit of a process) I have to say it’s a bit of a dark horse as it’s quite out of step with the other mixes of the time. I suspected that it might not hold up as well, especially as there’s some gear on here I could hardly see myself running to play these days (the Toscas and Boozoo Bajou’s and other polite types). However it actually holds together quite well with a sturdy spine of classics (Fingers Inc, Ryuchi Sakomoto, As One, Death In Vegas, Cinematic Orchestra etc etc) offset by some frivolity from me old mucker Patrick aka Farda P doing his best Elvis and a whole heap of continental types rocking it in a pre-Euro style & fashion.

For a Stinkmix it’s very clean and tidy – still probably not really my natural default but it makes a nice change. Chan on the cover making tip, Robbie The Robot modelling it up large – all the usual bollocks – do enjoy.
Next up we’ll be lurching towards the present day with the considerably more recent Musky Moments which is a bit of a scorcher in my humble onion. That will be dropping sometime in the next 7 days or so. Usual story , DL link below etc etc

Stinkmix 8 (Ate) – On The Prowl by Stinkyjim on Mixcloud

Download Here (who knows how long it will last?)

Stinkmix Ate – On The Prowl

01 Vanishing Point – Gravity
02 Depth Charge – So You Want Be A Secret Agent ?
03 Boozoo Bajo- – Night Over Manaus
04 Tosca – Chocolate Elvis (Rockers HiFi Rmx)
05 Plaid – New Bass Hippo
06 Fingers Inc – Mystery Of Love (Instrumental)
07 Ryuchi Sakamoto – Riot In Lagos
08 As One – Triumphant
09 Pierre Henry – Too Fortiche (Mighty Bop Rmx)
10 Mighty Quark – Killer
11 Twilight Circus – Bin Shaker Dub
12 All Seeing I – Airy Armpits
13 Death In Vegas – Aladdins Story
14 Position Normal – Pepay Pepememimo
15 Cinematic Orchestra – Channel 1 Suite
16 Rockers HiFi – Revenge Of No Name

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