Stinksclusive – Unitone HiFi meet Overproof Soundsystem Dub mix

Stinksclusive – Unitone HiFi meet Overproof Soundsystem Dub mix

Hokay, I’ve been holding onto this’un for a while, but now seems like a good time to unleash this wee belter, which is very much a StinkInc vexclusive crisp biscuit. For your downloading delight, here is the unreleased dub of our Unitone HiFi remix of Overproof Soundsystem’s ‘King Step’. The vocal version of this is just about to drop on 12″, alongside the pumping original mix from our G Corp associated Brum chums,  however it’s the dub that wins out the day for me. When we originally got the parts for the mix,  the tempo and style  suggested we should perhaps aim for a bit of dubsteppery action, but as is so often the case, where we began and where we ended up… well they’re quite different places. Instead of some testosteroned wobbly hoo-ha this turned out as a very mellow little bass bomb, and without blowing our own trumpet too much, I’m really chuffed with the end result. I recently found out this is somewhat of a soundsystem fave in the Midlands, and perhaps we should have borne that in mind (had we known) with our mix… ah well, it is what it is… and sometimes the slow burn can be just as powerful as the flamethrower!

Local yokels can find the 12″ though Southbound in the next couple of weeks, elsewhere and globalistically I’m sure it will be havailable through all good record shops (that are still standing!). If you’d like a hi-res version of the dub for playing out/radio etc (the one posted is 192) then please  hit me up in the comments or by email and I’m sure we can oblige, and if you’d like to re-post or link to this, you are more than welcome… but please let us know. Joost and myself (with mastering and mix assistance from the mighty Angus McNaughtonizer) are trodding on towards some more Unitone releasability, and we have some right, hot cross bun-it-ups in the proverbial oven. Next up will be another split 7″ with Jefferson Belt (and just wait till you hear his side, oh my good gosh!), to keep the wintery wolves at bay in the coming months. There are still very limited copies  of the last 2008 Unitone HiFi/Jefferson Belt 7″ available from various spots, or they can be bought direct from the horses gob, by pinging me a mail and whatnot.

Vox version available digitally and reasonably priced from here or here
Unitonespace) friend us up, we slack like that.

And being as its my favourite format and no-one likes a birthday to be forgot, make haste to the Beeb ponline and check out a little filmette (of the Vinyl Factory folk who we highly recommend) celebrating the 60th birthday of the 7″ right here. Yes indeed the glorious 45 must surely now have access to a free bus pass and the right to complain and grumble about more stuff than yer average young twot on them internets…. Hurrah! An audio anniversary to be proud of (you can stick them digital files where the sun don’t shine mister!) Uber and oot.


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