Stinky Grooves 01.03.16

Stinky Grooves 01.03.16

leafimplosion lofi

Theory of Reggaetivity – Agent Sasco (Sound Age Ent)
Mix Up – Agent Sasco (Sound Age Ent)
Lef Dem To Time – Lutan Fyah (Run Things Intl)
Inna A Jail Tonight – Busy Signal Ft Sailant (Sam Diggy Music)
Journey Of Life – Bugle (Sam Diggy Music)
Till This Time – Dre Island (Sam Diggy Music)
Bread & Butter Riddim – Sam Diggy Music (Sam Diggy Music)
Dumont’s Assistant – The Woodleigh Research Facility (Rotters Golf Club)
Frankfurt Advice – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
The Phoenix – Fulgeance (Ed Banger)
Solid Gold Telephone – Commodo (Black Acre)
In Other Worlds – Barry Adamson (Central Control)
Distant Dream – John Carpenter (Sacred Bones)
Peep Hole – Bullion (Deek)
Rushing Into Water – Tolouse Low Trax (Themes For Great Cities)
In Quicksilver – Tolouse Low Trax (Themes For Great Cities)
Burger Trip Original – DJ Fett Burger (Mongo Fett)
Cruel Dance (Remake) – Cruel Boyz (bandcamp)
6 to 6 – Mafia Boyz (bandcamp)
Sembène – Daniel Haaksman (Man Recordings)
Francoise Hardy – Carnivorous Plant Society (bandcamp)
Texas Crash – Bary Adamson (Central Control)
black glass actions – Cavern Of Anti Matter (Duophonic)
Saint Bees – Jega (Skam)
Black Poppy – DMX Krew (Hypercolour)
Chimes 7! – Micachu (DDS)
I Dare You (Demdike Stare Edit) – Micachu (DDS)
Dare You – Micachu & Tirza (DDS)
Steam Press – Carnivorous Plant Society (bandcamp)
Madame Zean – Christian Tossé (Strut)
L’Amour Artificiel – Coulouce (Strut)
Hey Hey – Gershon Kingsley (Audio Fidelity)
24 – Not Waving (Diagonal)
The Last Week – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Osler’s Crystal Fountain – The Woodleigh Research Facility (Rotters Golf Club)
Outer Realms, Pt. 2 – The Heliocentrics (Now-Again)
Into The Vortex – The Heliocentrics (Now-Again)
Palm 2 – Bullion (Deek)
The Greenfly & The Rose –  MEATRAFFLE  (Trashmouth bandcamp)

Apologies for a slightly out of whack show, my trusty controller breathed its last at the start of the show and it was all hands on deck, and awesome but ultimately fruitless tech support from the wonderful Faderfox folk after that. There you have it. Verona and Refreshment Room as per this weekend.

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