Stinky Grooves 02.06.09 and un peu de Paul White … alright?!

Stinky Grooves 02.06.09 and un peu de Paul White … alright?!

A New Error – Moderat (Bpitch Control)

Slow Match – Moderat ft Paul St Hilaire (Bpitch Control)
Broadcaster Version – Lee Perry vs Moody Boys (On-U Sound)
Bad Mind – Hoodz (Lo Dubs)
Prima – Chancha Via Circuito (Lo Dubs)
Night (Sondo Del Principe Dub) – Coki & Benga
Macumbiabass – Oro 11 (ZZK)
Escape (Dub) – El Remolon (ZZK)
Like A Shaker (Shake Shake) – Busy Signal 
Nah Go Dung Deh – Busy Signal
Da Style Deh – Busy Signal
Saw Version Summer Bounce –
Alien Nature (Ext) – Paul White (One Handed Music)
Verdad (Kelpe Rmx) – Fedaden (Nacopajaz)
2080 – Subeena (Imminent)
Sea Monkey – Moderat (Bpitch Control)
Moth – Burial & Four Tet (Text)
Glendale Galeria – Flying Lotus (Tectonic)
Do It – Joker (Kapsize)
Bunker – DJG (Tube 10)
Ghost Town (DJG Bootleg) – The Specials
Herbman Hustling – RSD
Black Ken – Emperor Machine (DC Recordings)
You Clapper (Rmx) – Emperor Machine (DC Recordings)
Desire (Moodymann Rmx) – Jose James (Brownswood)
No Mo – Few Nolder (Planet Mu)
Human Meadow – Falty DL (Planet Mu)
Les Grandes Marches – Moderat (Bpitch Control)
Ocean Wave (Across The Wave Mix) – Koss (Mule)
Yellow Moon (The Time & Space Machine Rmx) – Polaris (Static Caravan)
Dance Class (Todd Terje ReEdit) – Dave Samuels
Money Is King – Lee Fields & The Expression (Truth & Soul)
My World Is Empty With You – Lee Fields & The Expression (Truth & Soul)
Everything Cool – The Cool Blaze Band ft Charlotte Dada
Buriedfed – Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (Say Hey)
Spanish Coast – Iggy Pop (Virgin)
Naomi – John Talbot (Permanent Vacation)
Little Birds Tell Lies – Bachelorette (Particle Tracks)

Sometimes shows fall together in strange and wondrous ways that you don’t expect, and tonight was one of them. Sticking my head round the door of a video shoot (for SJD’s ‘Baby You’re Oh So’ with them Taylors back on the case) isn’t usually the most relaxing and ideal way for pre-show vibes. However this green screenstravaganza was about the best, chillaged warm-up a label lad could wish for, and the clip will be up here as soon as it’s done and dusted.
The show was definitely led and delightfully dominated by the Moderat album that has also been ruling the stereo over the last week. It’s an absolute pearler (doff of the Kangol to Kirk on the musical ping-pong on this one), right up there with the last Modeselector album ‘Happy Birthday’ and I think it deserves a post of its own or alongside some similarly bewitching beats and moody melodies, so … we’ll get to that.
This week I present, for the next 7 days, the most celebrated track from Paul White’s ‘One Eye Open’ EP, ‘Alien Nature’. I say most celebrated because it’s the one a lot of folks have been getting hot under the collar about, (header in the box to Geezer Guy for keeping on at me about Mr White), but personally I’d put the toe-tinglingly tremendous title track, Bullion’s heavyweight hijack of ‘Hustle’ and the phabulousophonics of ‘Phone Pest’ ahead of this on my good look chart. 
And a good look the EP is too, released on One Handed Music, the discerning folk who unleashed Bullion’s mighty 7″ amongst other treasures last year, this stands apart from the bulk of the twaddle that comprises what I have seen hilariously described as the ‘post-Dilla beatmaker  scene’, puhlease. I won’t start on that (yet…) , but I suggest you start on this, and finish with a visit to one of the links below for some vinyl or digital gratfication (and possible cake & dubplates for the big spender!), the whole 12″ is excess essential off-kilter, instrumental hip hop business with a hint of dubwise and soundsystem fanaticism showing through on some tunes. No complaint about that, here. As mentioned in my renking reckoning there’s yet more devastating tracks on the EP but this is all I have digitally at the mo, and it is a right cracker on the sly.. Give it a spin or six.
His albums out this week and there’s a range of worth reading, format options up at bandcamp

£5: high quality download.
£11: high-quality download AND the ltd edition handmade, hand-stamped pillowcase CD (UK/EU)
£12:high-quality download AND the ltd edition handmade, hand-stamped pillowcase CD (R.O.W.)
£200: high-quality download, the ltd edition handmade, hand-stamped pillowcase CD, and an afternoon making beats with Paul in Lewisham. With tea and quite possibly biscuits.
£300: high-quality download, the ltd edition handmade, hand-stamped pillowcase CD and an afternoon making beats with Paul in Lewisham, after which we’ll send you a dubplate with 2 exclusive beats made that day that absolutely no-one else will ever own outside the label. High-quality biscuits guaranteed and cake almost a certainty.

Or buy the EP, vax or files, locally Conch have it

This probably isn’t Paul White but it’s in his myspace pics, not proud or fussy round here.
And please, if you haven’t already.. do have a graze on the pungent pastures of Stinkmix 24 ‘Musky Moments’ linked in the post below, it’s a freeload fandangle, nigh-on 80 minute ziptape a dang doodle… enough.. it’s late and I’m obviously on a different plane to the plot.


hey hennik
thanks for the vibes it may well happen but if so it will probably be different to stinky grooves because that is what it is, and thats been brewing for 18 years or so.
no promises but i’ll see what i can conjure up when things quieten down a bit. apologies for my tardy reply wrote one ages ago, thought i’d flung it up but it might have got mangled in a crash.

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