Stinky Grooves 02.06.20

Stinky Grooves 02.06.20

Police – Ranking Joe (Evidence Music bandcamp)
I’M AN AFRICAN – O.B.F + Tippa Irie (OBF-Dubquake bandcamp)
INTERLUDE 1 – O.B.F+ Nazamba (OBF-Dubquake bandcamp)
Guns of Brixton [l’été chinois] – Dub Mentor + Yan Jun (Dub Mentor bandcamp)
Everybody Wants To Dub Karen – the casual sexists (?)
Hot Milk Version – Bobby Digital (Digital B)
La Cumbia Del Sol – DJ ALE (soundcloud)
Nachtwanderung – History of Colour + Barrio Lindo + El Buho + M.RUX (Shika Shaka bandcamp)
Khan In A Can – Cruzloma (Music And Activism bandcamp)
Nurwenndumitkommst (Original) – Pallas Akti (Slow Bar bandcamp)
S.i.l.v.i.e – Roland Fatime (Born Bad bandcamp)
Django – Harold Berty (Born Bad bandcamp)
Arpa (Remastered) – DJ ALE (soundcloud)
Noflute – TSVI (Balance Club/Culture Festival bandcamp)
Another Ghetto – Kelman Duran (Balance Club/Culture Festival bandcamp)
There Was a Glow – The Woodleigh Research Facility (Rotters Golf Club)
Walking on the Sun – Borrowed CS (BCS bandcamp)
Correction Dub – Formerlover (Viscera Transmissions bandcamp)
Modern Reels – Pye Corner Audio (Ghost Box bandcamp)
Trigger Finger (TSVI Remix) – Zuli (Haunter bandcamp)
Monotronique – Dance Hall For Dancehall (Hyperboloid Records bandcamp)
Diaoul – Theo Muller (Lumière Noire bandcamp)
Golf – Ikonika (Music House – New Series)
Gimme Pizza Manfredas + Fantastic Twins (Ransom Note bandcamp)
Supay – Cruzloma (Music And Activism bandcamp)
Spice Matrix – Iñigo Vontier + Thomas Von Party (Party Central bandcamp)
Dub business – Ist3p (Ist3p bandcamp)
Tasting Textures – Upsammy (Nous’klaer Audio bandcamp)
God – Luke Vibert (Hypercolour bandcamp)
Animen – Luke Vibert (Hypercolour bandcamp)
Adversity – Pugilist & Tamen (Trule bandcamp)
afters 2 – Dean Blunt (World Music)
Trigger Finger (Lee Gamble Remix) – Zuli (Haunter bandcamp)
Trigger Finger (Chevel Remix) – Zuli (Haunter bandcamp)
Never Rhythm Game – Nathan Micay (Lucky Me bandcamp)
Tilt – Funki Porcini (?)
Tucson, Arizona – Raymond Richards (ESP Institute bandcamp)
A Pattern Of Islands – Mike Cooper (Room 40 bandcamp)
Being Boiled (Allergy To Consciousness Radio Version) – Dub Mentor (Dub Mentor bandcamp)
Weh Island – Wu Cloud (The Slow Music Movement Label bandcamp)
City 11 – Funki Porcini (?)
Livermore, California – Raymond Richards (ESP Institute bandcamp)
INTERLUDE 2 – O.B.F+ Nazamba (OBF-Dubquake bandcamp</a
Section – The Woodleigh Research Facility (Rotters Golf Club)

INCOMING – Dubhead & myself will be out at Hallertau Riverhead this Sunday the 7th 12.30-4.30PM. The following Sunday we’ll be doing it allover again but with a more South Eastern equestrian flavour in Steelie & ClevieDON. As ever, more so than ever, first book up if you want a reggaematical look up.

Now as I’m sure you’re aware I’ve been banging on about the Mixcloud Select subscription ting which enables you to get the show as soon as it’s ready (usually a day ot two before transmission) access to exclusive monthly(ish often more) mixes and now also Stinky Grooves, Tranquillity Bass and various other broadcasts of a pungent and guesty nature from the dustyl ole tape archives. I’m particularly excited about the old shows as we’ve already put up a guest selection from Burnt Friedman, Andy Weatherall’s takeover in 1993 and tonight an On-U Sound special with El Jefe Adrian Sherwood, Tacckhead, Audio Active etc. There are some scorchers to come and for $5 a month (or you could just dip in and out for a month for a fiver) you help support the artist and labels we play, Mixcloud & me…. and trust, it helps not just fiscally but also spiritually especially as for the last 2 and half years I never see a text or get a call or anything…so this IS the feedback.
Anways enough of that, hopefully DJing will start to pick up again soon, great to be back with Dub at the opulent outposts of the Hallertau empire.
Outside of the wealth of gear that is going up on Select I spent most of last week prepping and making a mix to celebrate the great Bobby Digital, you can cop that at my other mixcloud.

Hit me up if you’d like a file, for me shit doesn’t exist as a stream so totally understand if you’re similar.

CORRECTION – on tonight’s show which for some reason was like pulling teeth in every aspect I misannounced the song by Nathan Micay from his simply s t u n n i n g  The World I’m Going To Hell For album, my files were incorrectly titled and I announced ‘And Relief Washes Over Me, In An Awesome Way’ as ‘ Never Rhythm Game’. I’m pretty sure the track I played last week was wrong title too…
TLDR? Buy the album it’s the only way to shut me up.
Enough of my yakking, let’s boogie.

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