Stinky Grooves 03.02.09

Stinky Grooves 03.02.09

Spaceman – Zomby (Hyperdub)
Aquafresh -Zomby (Hyperdub)
Cool Out – King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
Tickle Me Dub – Stromba (Fat Cat)
Dog Park – Singers & Players (On-U Sound)
Vegetable Matter – Singers & Players (On-U Sound)
Man Of Mystery – Dub Syndicate (On-U Sound)
Independent Man – Creation Rebel (On-U Sound)
Dub Of Creation – Creation Rebel (On-U Sound)
Wu Oh – Raekwon, Ghostface Killah & Method Man
Criminology – Raekwon
Yes Sir – Raekwon, Ghostface Killah & Crooked I
2009 Predictions – Maino
They Just Don’t Know – Durrty Goodz
Name Out Your Mouth – Durrty Goodz
What They Want -Durrty Goodz
New Life Baby Paris – Mala (Deep Medi)
Phantom – F (7even)
The Rope Tightens (Badawi Rmx) – Shackleton (Skull Disco)
Kaliko – Zomby (Hyperdub)
1 Up – Zomby (Hyperdub)
Absolute Belta – Fulgeance (Musique Large)
Overnight – Hudson Mohawk (Warp)
Beef – Onra (Favourite)
Bread Machine Bred (Zombie Zombie Rmx) – Kelpe (DC Recordings)
Mardre Epic – Mungolian Jetset (Luna Flicks)
Sweet Love For Planet Earth (AndrewWeatherall Rmx) – Fuck Buttons (ATP)
Watamu Beach Rework – Moritz Von Oswald (Desolat)
Il Corpo Di Linda – Riz Ortolani (Disco Promozionale Vinyl)
Axis Shift – Lexx (Permanent Vacation)
Snakeskin Tracksuit – African Head Charge (On-U Sound)
Lighthouse/Dreamworld – Singers & Players (On-U Sound)
Radics 7 – Dub Syndicate (On-U Sound)
Creation Cycle – Creation Rebel (On-U Sound)
Dreadlocks Soldier – Singers & Players (On-U Sound)

I’ve only had a chance to give it a couple of listens but I’m yet to be fully swung by Durrty Goodz follow up to the explosively excellent ‘Axiom’ – ‘Ultrasound’. The beats are predominantly pretty standard fare grime, something that could hardly be said about its predecessor. Goodz’ flow is still ridonkulous in the extreme, and there’s X amount of sharp lyricism (his soundsystem and newspaper rhymes on ‘They Just Don’t Know’ are immediate standouts) that will no doubt come to light on further plays. This cut over Joker’s epic ‘Snake Eater’ is an obvious winner, what a shame he chose a meh tune from Tes La Rock for his other less typical, beat selection. Wicked cover though and these things have a habit of creeping up on me with familiarity, check heem.

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hi jim,

like the website. not sure if you’re a buck 65 fan but he’s got 3 albums up on his site, part of his dirtbike project. worth a lesson i reckon. anyways thanks.

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