Stinky Grooves 03.05.16

Stinky Grooves 03.05.16

blued out3lofi
Sexual Healing (Wrongtom Remix) – Hot 8 Brass Band (Tru Thoughts)
Love Is Universal – Johnny Osbourne (Greensleeves)
Dangerous Match One – Roots Radics (Greensleeves)
Kiss Somebody – Johnny Osbourne (Greensleeves)
Quasar – Roots Radics (Greensleeves)
Laguna Azul – Tribilin Sound & Cesar Gustavo (soundcloud)
Decades – Higher Authorities (Domino)
Legends – Horsepower Productions (Tempa)
Insecurity – Open Mike Eagle & Paul White (bandcamp)
The Curse of Hypervigilance (In Politics, Romance, and Cohabitation) – Open Mike Eagle & Paul White (bandcamp)
Justify – Horsepower Productions (Tempa)
Floods – Commodo (Black Acre)
Horror Show – Flowdan (Tru Thoughts)
Nobody Speak – DJ Shadow ft Run The Jewels (bandcamp)
Like Them A Don – The Sea ft Jimmy Screech (Tru Thoughts)
Pressure I – The Sea ft Yay Alexander & Benjamin Zephaniah (Tru Thoughts)
Someday – The Sea ft Ramon Judah (Tru Thoughts)
Red String Riddim (Dub) – The Sea (Tru Thoughts)
Ital Mambo – Babylotion (Wakantanka)
krv – Facit (Waving Hands)
Gerry & The Holograms (JD Twitch Edit) – Gerry & The Holograms (Vinyl Factory)
The Cat Prowls Again – Timothy J. Fairplay (Höga Nord Rekords)
Kambodia – Magnus International (Full Pupp)
Garden Of Love – The Limiñanas ft Peter Hook (Because Music)
No Time (Pilooski Edit) – WITCH (Now-Again)
Karate Monkey – Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds (In The Red)
Sine ‘O’ The Tymes – Dreems (Multi Culti)
A Love Supreme (Corky’s Funk Bomb Mix) – Corky Traxman Strong (bandcamp)
Just Ain’t My Day – The Entertainers IV (BGP)
The Git Down (Part 1) – Little Johnny Hamilton & the Soul Pack (BGP)
Prisunic – The Limiñanas (Because Music)
Dahlia Rouge – The Limiñanas (Because Music)
We Love You – Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds (In The Red)
I Had a Dream – 5 Revolutions (Now-Again)
Dans Le Pacifique – Facit (Waving Hands)
Neptune – Higher Authorities (Domino)
Lion’s – Babylotion (Wakantanka)
I Know (Gated vocal) – Okzharp & Samrai ft Specialist Moss (Keysound)
Gated (instrumental) – Okzharp & Samrai (Keysound)
Warrior – Adam Prescott ft Brother Culture (Reggae Roast)
Mi Bredrin – Origin One ft Parly B (Nice Up!)
Mi Bredrin (Version) – Origin One (Nice Up!)
Chiens de l’enfer – Cosmo Vitelli (I’m A Cliche)

Have a hoon here….

Hola, I think I may be starting to get the hang of this 7 O Clock shuffle, it’s a wholeway different though of course the essentials remain the same… bear with me, or me with bear, or whatever. This Friday I will mostly be playing tunes at Verona, 5-9, Manuel Bundy to follow and Dub to precede by a night on Thursday. Max respect to all who showed out for Johnny Osbourne on Friday and Sunday (and Saturday for the Raglan-ites but I didn’t manage to make that one), he was magnificent. Max Glazer also turned up as one of the most considerate and decent international DJs you will find, there are few who are in the venue from doors (and in fact in Verona for an hour before too) and help out with the plugging ins and all that – behavior and manners of a gentleman selector, and the kind of standards a local or two could learn from. Had tunes too and rode JO’s set proper, those 2 sets will keep us bubbling for a while. Go Mammie !

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