Stinky Grooves 05.02.13

Stinky Grooves 05.02.13

SagradaFamilia Barcelonascape2
Morena Gata – DJ Quien (soundcloud)
Palenque Un Rincón de Africa – Dany F (bandcamp)
Alasca – Kazamatsuri Kenta (bandcamp)
Shake Your Groove – Dany F (bandcamp)
Bruja – Mr Jags (soundcloud)
Totala Dub – Kinka (bandcamp)
Dub Is The Only Way – The Breadwinners (King Spinna)
Dogdub Meets The Mighty Ilodica – 3spring – Dogdub (CDR)
Dub Them (Meditative Mix) – O.B.F. (O.B.F.)
Skidip it up dub – Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Charlie P (Scotch Bonnet)
Revelations – The Underachievers (free)
Scar Strangled Banner – Dead Prez (Krian Music Group)
Juke Juke – Chance The Rapper (free)
Gold Soul Theory – The Underachievers (free)
Payps – Chester Watson (free)
Oak Park Dark – Lee Bannon (bandcamp)
Even In The Darkness (Totems Remix) Louis Baker (soundcloud)
Blast Off – Eagle Nebula (soundcloud)
Padurile Fosneau – Anahoretii (Ambassador’s Reception)
Raindance – Christoph’ El Truento (bandcamp)
Liquid Sunshine – Christoph’ El Truento (bandcamp)
Visions – The Cyclist (Leaving /Stones Throw)
The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About And That Joy Used In His RA Mix And Daphni Played On Boiler Room – KH (White)
Armonica – Darkstar (Warp)
You Don’t Need A Weatherman- Darkstar (Warp)
Slush Fund – ADR ( Hippos In Tanks)
Redundanță Acum – Concentration Band (Ambassador’s Reception)
The Quiet Dignity (Of Unwitnessed Lives) – The Asphodells (Rotters Golf Club)
Zone – The Asphodells (Rotters Golf Club)
Beglammered – The Asphodells (Rotters Golf Club)
Trees – Follakzoid (Sacred Bones)
9 – Follakzoid (Sacred Bones)
New You – My Bloody Valentine (
Only Tomorrow – My Bloody Valentine (
Black Noise – Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve (3rdMynd)
Stray Dog Strut – ADR ( Hippos In Tanks)
Method To The Madness Dub – Mark Stewart (Future Noise)

An utterly renking Waitangi Day to one and all…………


whoa…another wonderfull show last nite on 95..very trippy for a twesdey…what wonderful blue skies 2day….and no fluffy little clouds..the sky was blue…

Why thank you – it does feel like the year is starting to rev its wheels quality release wise…. and the psychedelic inclinations were fully intended and glad to know gratefully received… hurrah… and of course points and prizes for any comments referring to good Dr LX and his peculiar musical medicines and rhythmic remedies

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