Stinky Grooves 05.04.16

Stinky Grooves 05.04.16

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A Life Worth Living (Long) – Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno feat. U-Roy & Alice Russell (Tru Thoughts)
Sweet Cannabis – Latty J (Maximum Sound)
Blueberry Haze – Maximum Sound/Frenchie (Maximum Sound)
Positive Dub – Poirier (Nice Up!)
Gerrup – Beam Up (45Seven)
Sekkle Up The Score (Turntable Dubbers Remix) – Ras Demo (Maximum Sound)
Vibin – Beam Up (45Seven)
Kraftwerk Damas Gratis Mash Up (Don Alex RMX) – Alto Perú (soundcloud)
Ranamua (Bistech Remix) – Sonido Mamalón (soundcloud)
Rimas y Leyendas – Dandara & Arutani (soundcloud)
Gloria Cristinista – El Remolón, San Ignacio (bandcamp)
Greezebloc – Babyfather (Hyperdub)
N.A.Z – Babyfather (Hyperdub)
Killuminati – Babyfather (Hyperdub)
Shah – Ash Koosha (Ninja Tune)
383 (Totems Remix) – Yuna Lesca (bandcamp)
T.R.A.X. – Traxman (bandcamp)
In My Car – Gold Panda (City Slang)
Arco – Sully (Black Acre)
Refoulement – Yoshimi (Dream Catalogue)
Cloth Ears – Metamono (Instrumentarium Records)
Daddy – Metamono (Instrumentarium Records)
Pink Sun – The Field (Kompakt)
Ote – Ash Koosha (Ninja Tune)
Austerlitz – Die Wilde Jagd (Bureau B)
A Rasher of Wind – Dandelion Set (Buried Treasure)
Erickson indirect – Ved (Höga Nord Rekords)
Nzonzing Família – Konono Nº1 (Crammed)
Sao Ubon Ro Rak – Khun Narin Electric Phin Band (Innovative Leisure)
Space Carnival – The Comet Is Coming (Leaf)
Bronze – Sully (Black Acre)
Quickpig – Kettel (Clone)
Losers Can Win – Starwalker (Prototyp)
Damned – Unloved (Unloved)
A City So Convenient – Mungolian Jetset (Smalltown Supersound)
Inner Path To Outer Space (Live) – Claudio Cremonesi (bandcamp)
French Girls – Mall Grab (Church)
Coloured Flames – Delta Girls (bandcamp)

Magic Roundabout this Friday – I suspect that anyone who might be keen to know is already hip to the times for that. Before the weekly links to bandcampage and soundclouderising the eagle eared (if such a thing exists) amongst you may have noticed a fair bit of Dandelion Set cropping up in recent shows and that’s because their album A Thousand Strands 1975-2015 on Buried Treasure is a veritable ripper. 95 bFM have been playlisterating the sumptuous cut Judy switched off the TV with author/comicitician etc etc Alan Moore and there’s plenty more to shout about with the album. Check it out here and for some next listening/looking… gaze no further…

There’s a bunch of influences and touchstones here …makes sense to me.

Or clap yer peepers on this, which makes all that suggestive audio up there most elementary.

And exxxklusively for the ears here’s their Stolid Seal mix tape – a riotous romp that fills an hour as if it were nowt. Had hoped to play some of this on the show but there has been too much quality individual tunage to squeeze in any mix action…boo. Check for yourself

Get to it……


and thee tracks of digitimosis this week are…

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