Stinky Grooves 05.05.09 plus some big O and a little Cotti

Stinky Grooves 05.05.09 plus some big O and a little Cotti


King In My Empire – Rhythm & Sound & Cornell Campbell (Soul Jazz)
Shreds – Geoim & Appleblim (Berkane Sol)
Backwardation – Timeblind (Version)
Run Tings – Cotti (Soul Jazz)
King Step (Unitone HiFi Rmx) – Overproof Soundsystem (Elephant House)
El Llanto De La Pava (Remxi) – Toty DJ
Balkanski Kumbia (Uproot Andy Rmx) – Yuri Yunakov & Ivo Popasov
Consciencia del Barrio – El Hijo De La Cumbia (Soot)
Zorzal – Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
Moth – Four Tet & Burial (Text)
Quest – Nosaj Thing (Alpha Pup)
Troubled Mind – He Said Omala (Origin)
Whole Wide World (Instr) – Flying Lotus ft Declaime (Ramp)
Reminisce – Onra (Favourite)
Shimmy Shimmy Ya – El Michels Affair (Truth & Soul)
Heavy Hands – Clutchy Hopkins (Ubiquity)
Together -Breakage ft David Rodigan (Digital Soundboy)
Bear Witness – Pangea (Hot Flush)
Flame Free – Geiom & Appleblim (Berkane Sol)
Time Dilated By Matter – Timeblind (Version)
Sweat Until The Morning (Quiet Village Rmx) – Vagabond (Polydor)
The Hologram – Mark Pritchard (Ho Hum)
Dec. Machine Funk All Eras – Prefuse 73 (Warp)
Regalo – Prefuse 73 (Warp)
Keep It Moving (Instr) – Flying Lotus & Declaime (Ramp)
Wolf Cub _ Burial & Four Tet (Text)
Verdad (Kelpe Rmx) – Fedaden (Nacopajaz)
Boks’d – Subeena (Imminent)
Safari – Brendon Moeller (Third Ear)
The More That I Do – The Field (Kompakt)

Soaked in hauntification and ghostly, ghoullish grooves tonight – if I say so myself (and I do) t’was a veritable exorcism of excellence and one of them shows that just made itself up as it went along – with scant regard for plans, plots or other palaverations. Once again I’m flinging up a couple, I had hoped to have Stinkbombs 909 available for a dollop of DLing from this here Stinktrum, in the space between now and last weeks show. Alas… it has required a little browning in the metaphorical oven before I plonk it on your digital platter. It will be up in the next 48 hours, in the meantime…
He Said Omala, featuring Graham Lewis from the wonderful Wire (who featured pretty heavily for me in my teenage years) and this crucial cut came up when I posted the excellent Kid Cudi and Sharam joint last week. To be honest this is one of just a few tracks I’ve heard from the outfit, and it’s the only one that has lodged, permanently… massively, in my musical memory. Our old Unitone HiFi labelmater, the marvelous Lee Berwick (Digidub, Smart Alec & Clever Clogs etc) was running this when he came over for an extended stay in ’97 (I think, dates never a strongpoint), and it’s one of many Berwick boomers that there was no way he wasn’t leaving behind.  From memory he’d bucked up on Mr Lewis, and the combo, on one of his Swedish visitations, and had only good things to say. 
It’s credited as being a version of Roy Orbison’s ‘Blue Bayou’ but I think that’s just a way of avoiding licensing the sample. It’s all about the tension and release in the drums and the manipulation of Mr Orbidoib’s phenomenal, fragile vocal. No one does hurt and vulnerable like the late great Roy, and I guess I was a shoo-in with this song as I’m an Orbison devotee through and through. Don’t start me on that. Killer, killer tune.
Buy digitally, Im pretty sure this place is kosher and not some russian banditos who dont pay fer nothing.
27 11space Graham Lewis’s latest outfit… interesting!

He Said Omala on Discogs, might be the best chance of finding this sucker artefactwise

Roy Orbison 2
Graham Lewis
Graham Lewis
He Said Omala - Matching Crosses

This next track is a little scorcher from Cotti that I have been hanging out for (did I miss it on some release?), and had hoped would have been on one of the 12″ releases for the vocalised version ‘Calm Down’ by Doctor. This comes on the double disc audio component of another supremely dealt with Soul Jazz package Dub Echoes. As is often the case with their releases there’s just a couple of tracks that I don’t have or really want on vinyl but it’s a pretty useful primer set for dubutantes, and makes for a cracking listen. The DVD is also really worthwhile, it would be easy to pick holes in it, point out massive omissions or say ‘why did/didn’t they talk to X’  but ultimately it’s a really good watch. There’s a bit of humour, intentional and otherwise (the Audio Bullys??!! what the ….) amongst a LOT of interview footage, and you can tell it’s all been done with a lot of heart and passion. Seriously..check ’em.
Buy Dub Echoes CD and/or DVD loca-lee

Dub Echoes DVD
Dub Echoes CD


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