Stinky Grooves 05.09.17

Stinky Grooves 05.09.17

treeting 7 lofi

In This World – Benjamin Zephaniah (Fane Phonics)
President – Benjamin Zephaniah (Fane Phonics)
Is It Because I’m Black – Rorystonelove feat. Samory I (Rorystonelove)
Manali – Andreas Balicki (bandcamp)
Bouderbel – NURI (Shouka)
Amerika – Avá Canoeiro (bandcamp)
Totem (Nicola Cruz Remix) – Mop Mop feat. Anthony Joseph (bandcamp)
Rivers – Aron Ottignon (Blue Note France)
Tramsitions – MENDRIX (Calypso)
Veronika II (Tolouse Low Trax remix) – Denis Mpunga/Paul K (Music From Memory)
The Jungle – Aron Ottignon (Blue Note France)
Audio Track 5 (-6 Version) – Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra (bandcamp)
Gone – Wolfstream (Rotten City Records)
Macaco (Tolouse Low Trax remix) – Inigo Vontier (Lumière Noire)
Fantomas – Thomass Jackson (Calypso)
Intermezzo II (Interstellar Funk remix) – Denis Mpunga/Paul K (Music From Memory)
9roov – NURI (Shouka)
Czech One – King Krule (True Panther)
Over Everything (alt version) – Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile (Matador)
No Place To Go – The Oscillation (Hands In the Dark/All Time Low)
Undoing A Luciferian Towers – Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Constellation)
No Future (Thomass Jackson Remix) – Wolfstream (Rotten City Records)
Drama (Babyfather Meditation Mix VIP) – 18+ (bandcamp)
Hot Pepper – Action Bronson ft Mayhem Lauren and Jah Tiger (Vice)
Holy Smoke – Kutmah (bandcamp)
I Am A Revolutionary – Benjamin Zephaniah (Fane Phonics)
Plod Sum – General Theory Of Dub (?)
Jahcok Turkey Fever NoTurkey – Unitone HiFi (Cassette Dub)
Rasta Nuh Gangsta (Dub Mix) – Rorystonelove feat. Samory I (Rorystonelove)
What’s The Matter With You ([Franck Alba LoW RoaD Western remix) – Wild Women & The Savages (bandcamp)
Waste The Day – The Oscillation (bandcamp)

Well how many guesses required to know where I’ll be at Friday? None, Love Bucket, where else. From 7…..

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