Stinky Grooves 06.03.12

Stinky Grooves 06.03.12

Anywhere You Go – Busy Signal (Stainless)
Naah Talk – Busy Signal (Stainless)
Must Get Rich – Da Professor (Stainless)
Tweet Hard – Liquid (Stainless)
#Tweet #Tweet Riddim – DJ Karim (Stainless)
Oliver Twist – D’Banj (Mo Hits)
More Ganja (Oliver Twist Yard Lick) – Stylo G ft Warning (Circle House)
Kill Another Sound – Bounty Killer & Lukie D
The Bar – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
The Big Tree – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Boat People – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Peanut Butter – Hallelujah Picassos (Fruity Loop)
Homegirl – Hallelujah Picassos (Fruity Loop)
Te Ves Buena – Grupo Mayor (Musart)
Te Ves Bien Buena – Banda Vallarta Show (Fonovisa)
Cumbia de los Pajaritos – Grupo Fantasma (Aire Sol)
Purunrunas (Chong X Edit) – Wayanay De Los Andes (soundcloud)
El Tren (Chong X Rmx) – Vocal Sampling (soundcloud)
Saya De San Benito [Chong X Remix] – Torito Bandito (soundcloud)
Whoopin The Booze – Psychemagik (soundcloud)
Her Favourite Organ – (soundcloud)
Dirt, Money & Friends – BLKHRTS (bandcamp)
Gangster Shit (Part 2) – The Alchemist (Decon Inc)
Perfection – The Alchemist (Decon Inc)
Get Got – Death Grips (Epic)
Decisions – Ka (Iron Works)
No Downtime – Ka (Iron Works)
Swervin – Clams Casino (available from Fader & everywhere)
Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Rmx) – Shlohmo (Friends Of Friends)
The Chase – Fhloston Paradigm (Hyperdub)
Hype Williams Meets Shangaan Electro – Hype Williams (Honest Jons)
Supreme Architecture – Double Helix (Keysound)
Banana Wine – Mo Kolours (soundcloud)
Sometimes I Forget You’ve Gone – Dirty Three (Drag City)
GLK Jack – Thavius Beck (soundcloud)
Polaroyced – Mouse On Mars (MonkeyTown)
Metrotopy – Mouse On Mars (MonkeyTown)
Chasing Rainbows – Fhloston Paradigm (Hyperdub)
Lilloos Seduction – Fhloston Paradigm (Hyperdub)
Stereotype – Mark Stewart (Future Noise)
Baby Bourgeois – Mark Stewart (Future Noise)
General Generations – A Tribe Called Red (soundcloud)
The Numerologist – The 13th Tribe (soundcloud)
Wondrous Place (Mojo Filter ReEdit) – Billy Fury (soundcloud)
PPPoney (Fabien Dalzin I Love Ponies Rmx) – Kid A (soundcloud)
It Goes On Without You – Tropics (bandcamp)

See you at the Summer Series on Saturday Aucklandites (I’ll be the between band space filling thing) but don’t turn up at Albert Park because heem no longer there..The rest..see you next week…aroha by the tonne..


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