Stinky Grooves 06.10.15

Stinky Grooves 06.10.15

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I’m a Cliche Edit Service 61 – Front de Cadeaux (soundcloud)
Flashbulb Eyes (Dennis Bovell Remix) – Arcade Fire ft. Linton Kwesi Johnson (Virgin EMI)
Damn That Valley – U.S. Girls (4AD)
All Of The Things You Do (Forces Of Nature Dub) – Ancient Astronauts (Switchstance)
Gardens Dub – The Woodleigh Research Facility
Le Wasuk (Long LP Dub One) – Idjut Boys (Smalltown Supersound)
Speak – With You. (Hypercolour)
Semagi – Myth (Halcyon Veil)
Azufre – Sistema Beat Andino (soundcloud)
Tropimarimb – Dj Masaya ft Marimba Gallito (soundcloud)
Jardines (Nicola Cruz remix) – Chancha Via Circuito ft Lido Pimienta (Wonderwheel)
Arabien (Sampieri) – GMC, Sebastian Sampieri (bandcamp)
Lubile Prai – SK Kakraba (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
(I) Ingenuousness – Clap! Clap! (Black Acre)
(P) Playfulness – Clap! Clap! (Black Acre)
True Nen – Milo ft Open Mike Eagle (bandcamp)
Souvenir – Milo ft Hemlock Ernst (bandcamp)
Yomilo – Milo (bandcamp)
U Know It’s Me (Ice Cold Chrissy’s Duck Fang Instrumnetal Dub) – Ice Cold Chrissy (soundcloud)
Ballad Of The Mighty I (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation Instrumental) – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (Sour Mash)
Owl Beach II – Yppah (Counter)
Bros vs. UFOs – Princess Century (Paper Bag)
The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes (David Holmes Rework) – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (Sour Mash)
Pool – Pistol Disco (Höga Nord Rekords)
Metal Taste – Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s ft Lisa Elle (Skint Records)
Sacred Bone – Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s (Skint Records)
Goo – Pistol Disco (Höga Nord Rekords)
Ton 01 – Karamika (ESP Institute)
Kenny Dub Headband – Idjut Boys (Smalltown Supersound)
Love Is a Hurting Thing – Gloria Ann Taylor (Selector Sound)
Window Shades – – U.S. Girls (4AD)
X Theme – The Exorcist GBG (Höga Nord Rekords)
Ghoroobaa Ghashangan – SEXWITCH (Echo)
Riverman (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation Instrumental) – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (Sour Mash)

Podcast up at 95bFM and also in higher rez etc etc at Mixcloud  (it’s up there now, will only continue posting on mixcloud if there are listeners checking it because it takes quite a while to upload and timestamp…)

Please don’t be to forgetting that this week SJD is playing at the Mercury Theatre with the fullest of full bands… and a string quartet. Right now this is a genuine one off type malarkey, the whole Saint John Divine album from the top to the very last drop and mucho mas…not to mention old mucker Shayne…the P… Cartier in full support. Swoonsome and then some. Tix from Under The Radar, not so much a case of snooze and lose as sleep and weep for the rest of your pitiful existence…sheariously.
Poster below, on with the tracks.


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