Stinky Grooves 07.02.17

Stinky Grooves 07.02.17

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Industry – Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Mr. Williamz (Scotch Bonnet)
Dub Outta Road – Naram (Red Robin)
Give Me Back My Brain – General Theory Of Dub (soundcloud)
Ain’t No Country I Know – General Theory Of Dub (soundcloud)
Swan Lake – Cats (Ace)
Pure Soul – Roland Alphonso (Dub Store)
Mangrove Monkey (Bigga Bush Version) – Bigga Bush / Blast Head (Jahmoni)
Alfombra Mágica (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Estrellas Del Trópico (bandcamp)
Dunobizeh (YEAHMAN! Remix) – YEAHMAN! (bandcamp)
Tempa – Borchi y Su Doble Redoble (free)
La Cumbia Picosita 2017 (DJ Padrinomix Sonidero) – Grupo Los Pipopes (soundcloud)
Xaxoeira_(Nicola Cruz Remix) – Xique-Xique (Magic Movement)
Geisterfahrer (Factory Floor Remix) – Die Wilde Jagd (Correspondent)
2500 Edit – The Emperor Machine (Full Pupp)
Hellucinations – Al Lover (bandcamp)
Waterwheel Scenery (DJ Sotofett’s Dubcurve fix-mix feat. Osaruxo) – Yoshinori Hayashi (JINN)
The Smile – David Axelrod (Capitol Records)
Open Minds Now Close – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Recordings)
Cold Fear – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Frenzy Zone – Al Lover (bandcamp)
Melody’s Actual Echo Chamber – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Recordings)
Behold! My Kingston Crypt – Jefferson Belt (bandcamp)
Down version – General Theory Of Dub (soundcloud)
Calf Dance – Mori-Ra (Berceuse Heroique)
Mask Shop – Melly (Jheri Tracks)
Freeeze – Baba Stiltz (Studio Barnhus)
Rio Negro – Xique-Xique (Magic Movement)
Maxape – Carrot Green (bandcamp)
Allemande – Rodion (My Favorite Robot)
Moonlight Avenue – Ti.Po.tA (free at
Hotel l’Amour – Richard Norris (My Favorite Robot)
Kanwaza Cross – Mori-Ra (Berceuse Heroique)
Bruxo – Nicola Cruz (Multi Culti)
Mille Yeaux – The Durian Brothers (Emotion Especial)
Playing – Yoshinori Hayashi (JINN)
Stormy Weather – Mori-Ra (Berceuse Heroique)

Just the Friday at Love Bucket this week, 7-11, expect nay demand a considered demonstration of the good times and also the rolling! (Batteries not included.)

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