Stinky Grooves 07.05.19

Stinky Grooves 07.05.19

The Barber Feel It – Dr Alimantado & Jah Stitch (Jackpot/Blood & Fire)
Danger Zone/Danger Dub – Jah Stitch (Flabba Holt bandcamp)
Give Jah The Glory – Jah Stitch (Jackpot)
Crystal Dove – Dubkasm (Peng Sound)
Star Trek Main Theme Dub – Black Market (Black Market bandcamp)
Let it Rain – Lee “Scratch” Perry (On-U Sound bandcamp)
Makumba Rock (unreleased) – Lee “Scratch” Perry (On-U Sound bandcamp)
Bebé Durmiendo Cumbia Dub – Elijah Minnelli (Breadminster bandcamp)
Nocturne – Felix Tapes ft Kurley (Tropical Twista bandcamp)
Kabsa (Nicola Cruz Remix) – Auntie Flo (Disco Halal)
Linda Sevilla – Los Orientales de Paramonga (Infopesa)
Rivera (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) – Harmonious Thelonious (ITALIC bandcamp)
R.F.S. (Wolf Müller Remix) – Harmonious Thelonious (ITALIC bandcamp)
The Fog and The Forest – Rebolledo y El Niño Paulor (DGTL bandcamp)
Wormhole Till 6 AM (Theus Mago Remix) – Teniente Castillo (Play Pal)
P8.1 – Bot1500 (Touched Electronix bandcamp)
Fxmas mod DAISY CHAIN 25o (brkn rotary hesitant snr) – Brainwaltzera (Touched Electronix bandcamp)
NUFFIN BUT… – Ras G (FB Distribution bandcamp)
Dark Matter – The Sentinel (Southern Outpost bandcamp)
Bird’s Lament (2019 Stereo Mix) – Moondog (Manimal Group)
Homeland – E B U (No Corner bandcamp)
CEREMONIOUS – Ras G (FB Distribution bandcamp)
No Deal To Seal (Rigopolar Remix) – Teniente Castillo (Play Pal)
Life is Showing You a Dialogue That Needs Your Attention (Thomass Jackson Remix) – Teniente Castillo (Play Pal)
Digital Burn (Freudenthal Remix) – Zakmina (Roam Recordings bandcamp)
Secret Friends – Local Suicide & Curses (Tusk Wax bandcamp)
Blinky – Harmonious Thelonious (ITALIC bandcamp)
Clypp (Ground Remix) – Bartellow (ESP Institute bandcamp)
Spine Of Desire – Caterina Barbieri (Editions Mego bandcamp)
Loss – FFT (The Trilogy Tapes)
Siri Will Rise – Theus Mago (Optimo Music bandcamp)
Thirty Six – Entro Senestre (Bank bandcamp)
The Planet Surface – Black Market (Black Market bandcamp)
Black Door – Dubkasm (Peng Sound)
Holy Guardian – EBU (No Corner bandcamp)

On Sunday it’s the monthly Hallertau happs with Dubhead – I’d imagine you can be sure to hear a few from the late great Jah Stitch amongst the newness, oldness and timeless. 12.30 – 4.30, best book if you want to be sure of a spot. On Saturday it’s the below, the fairest of all the record fairs – heaps of top shelf sellers as ever, I’ve got a whole heap of 90s and 2000s hip hop and electronic tackle priced up already and plenty cratesworth to come. Do come through 9 am kick off.

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