Stinky Grooves 08.08.23

Stinky Grooves 08.08.23

World Inflation – Junior Murvin (VP)
Cry For The Youths – Wackad (VP)
Talibans II Byron – Messia & Burna Boy (Spaceship/ Bad Habit/Atlantic Records)
Psalm 666 – Joe Cotch (MAL bandcamp)
100 Weight of Collie Weed (instrumental) – Prince Fatty (Prince Fatty bandcamp)
Outer Space Dub (Straight Dub Mix) – Yasushi Ide + DJ KRUSH (Grand Gallery)
Grape Stomping – DJ Ojo (MAL bandcamp)
Reducer – Herron (MAL bandcamp)
Mi Zeen Dub – Another Channel (Moonshine bandcamp)
Electric Car – Beat Detectives (Beat Detectives bandcamp)
Yuca – Beat Detectives (Beat Detectives bandcamp)
La Trompeta del Satánico (Versión 2023) – El Satánico (soundcloud)
Le Creak (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Stinky Jim (Stinky Jim bandcamp)
As Happy As A Sandboy – Jay Glass Dubs (Jay Glass Dubs bandcamp)
short forgotten produk trk omc – afx (soundcloud)
Daydream In Dub (Hardway Bros. Live At The SSL) – Marshall Watson & Cole Odin (Shades Of Sound bandcamp)
Habits – Benedikt Frey (ESP Institute bandcamp)
zin2 test5 – Aphex Twin (Warp bandcamp)
Glitches (Flug 8 Remix) – Steve Queralt & Michael Smith (Bytes bandcamp)
Commercial Noisy Day – Yetsuby (Third Place Records bandcamp)
Menta Y Menta – Yu Su (Pinchy & Friends)
Film 4 – Roman Flügel (Running Back bandcamp)
crooked landscapes – mip fumo (mip fumo bandcamp)
Parachute Kernel – Teqmun (Flippen Discs bandcamp)
Young People Are The Solution Not The Problem – Beat Detectives (Beat Detectives bandcamp)
Very – Strange Flesh (Strange Flesh bandcamp)
Infinite Autonomy (Priori Remix) – Jad & The (Jad & The bandcamp)
Chaldean Oracle (GLOK Remix) – Steve Queralt & Michael Smith (Bytes bandcamp)
Blissed Memories – Rroxymore (Aus)
Awful Mutation (V.23) – Transparent Sound (Tressor bandcamp)
I Want an Earth – Yu Su (Pinchy & Friends)
Seconds Away – Jay Glass Dubs (Jay Glass Dubs bandcamp)
Heiwa – Chela = Ajay Saggar & Kohhei Matsuda (Chela bandcamp)
Glicthes (Instrumental) – Steve Queralt & Michael Smith (Bytes bandcamp)
Flower Window 花窗 – Wu Zhuoling 吴卓玲 (bié Records bandcamp)
Runs On The Board (Jefferson Belt Remix) – Stinky Jim (Stinky Jim bandcamp)
Skylurking – Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars bandcamp)

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Hi Senor Stench,

What a blinder of a show this week! Rating this one as the best of ’23 so far.
Social Awareness vinyl is on its way from the Agricultural division as we speak.
Amazing work

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