Stinky Grooves 08.10.19

Stinky Grooves 08.10.19

Typewriter – Louie Rankin (Shelly’s)
Typewriter – Louie Ranking (Mesa)
The Muscle – Louie Rankin (Mesa)
One General – Notnice & Bounty Killa (Notnice)
Grass 29 – Low Jack (Editions Gravats bandcamp)
SIDERAL – Chico Unicornio + Tribilin Sound + Lascivio Bohemia (soundcloud)
Amor Sublime – DJ ALE (soundcloud)
Clown –  Satánico Dr. Trvza (Rebajdo Mx bandcamp)
Patan – Alibombo (soundcloud)
Jubile is OK – Iñigo Vontier (Multi Culti bandcamp)
Steady Can’t Steady Can’t Stay – Piezo (Wisdom Teeth bandcamp)
Sundown – Cando (Livity Sound bandcamp)
Tweak – Headland (System Music)
Arabian Ride – Switchdance (Above Board Distribution bandcamp)
Tatooine Moons – Forgotten Corner + Khidja (Above Board Distribution bandcamp)
Edging in den Trunk – Acid Pauli (Ouie bandcamp)
Suuri Hiljainen Kävelijä – Stiletti-Ana. (Höga Nord Rekords bandcamp)
The Sound of Silence – Chromatics (Italians do It Better)
Untitled Exo (Gil.Barte Remix) – HML38 (Notte Brigante bandcamp)
Eternal Shore – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones bandcamp)
A Strange Attractor (Peaking Lights Remix) – Land Of Light (Above Board Distribution bandcamp)
A.M.O.R (FBA Rmx) – A Mountain Of Rimowa (2MR bandcamp)
Mustang – Die Jungle (Phisica)
Lunatic Decay – Sau Poler (Cin Cin bandcamp)
Those Now Bright Have Long Been Dark and Cold – Amon Tobin (Nomark bandcamp)
Watermelon Woman (Dub) – Yu Su (Technicolour bandcamp)
Supai Rana – AMARINGO (Pinchy & Friends)
Until the Lights Go Out – Julie’s Haircut (Rocket Recordings bandcamp)
On Dansait Avec Elle – L’Épée (Because Music)
Last Ticket Home – Peter Jefferies (Ba Da Bing bandcamp)
Tantamount – Giant Sand (Fire Archive bandcamp)
Fever Night – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones bandcamp)
The Souls Formula – disrupt (Zone Dog bandcamp)
When I Splice Into You – Kallista Kult (A Colourful Storm bandcamp)
Travel Softly – Seahawks & Woo (Emotional Response bandcamp)
Options Menu – disrupt (Zone Dog bandcamp)
A.M.O.R. A Measure Of Radioactivity – A Mountain Of Rimowa (2MR bandcamp)


good evening and so on, I recently seemed to go Select, and it was very excellent with this artist. Back in the day I found myself in a record shop, purchasing a “sideways two” cd, I still play it…gravitational attraction – I suppose. So yeah pretty pleased to be going more modern these dazes. But seriously what I can say is that Stinky never fails to deliver the top notch goods. Hopefully Fibre will deliver even more faster mixes in real time, so will meat the technician next weak. love your work

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