Stinky Grooves 09.01.24

Stinky Grooves 09.01.24

Lie in King (Totally Tired Mix) – Stinky Jim (Boomarm Nation bandcamp)
Gimme Marijuana – Linval Thompson (Rick Records bandcamp)
Medication Dub – Naram (Rick Records bandcamp)
Memories of Old – Roots Architects with Ernest Ranglin & Tyrone Downie (Fruits Records bandcamp)
Blind Blues – Stand High Patrol (Stand High Patrol bandcamp)
Lost in Dubnation – Nelson of the East (Tartelet Records bandcamp)
La Quedan Dos (Piper Street Sound Remix) – Candeleros (Folcore bandcamp)
Love Lights (Stinky Jim Remix ) – Tribilin Sound + Alvaro Isla (Edmoon Records bandcamp)
Malambo – Tribilin Sound (Tribilin Sound bandcamp)
Bailando Pegadito (DJ Python Remix) – Ultima Esuna (Worldwide Unlimited bandcamp)
Suuton Remix (Tebra) – Dj Ato 05 (DJ Ato 05 bandcamp)
Day of the Child – Kelman Duran (Kelman Duran bandcamp)
Clavo – Ultima Esuna (Worldwide Unlimited bandcamp)
Blood Milk Moon – Hermanos Gutiérrez (Easy Eye Sound bandcamp)
Jump In The Fire(Bovell Dub) – Tyler Pope (Interference Pattern bandcamp)
Lean Forward (Pugilist Remix) – Customer Service (Control Freak Recordings bandcamp)
That Thing With The Rabbit – Headache (PLZ Make It Ruins bandcamp)
Crash – Hot Rocks (Boomarm Nation bandcamp)
Synapse – AUTORHYTHM (thanatosis bandcamp)
Haven’t Read – Tammo Hesselink (Midgar Records bandcamp)
Zulu For Who – Dreems (Emotional Especial bandcamp)
Cinco – K-Lone (Sweet N Tasty bandcamp)
2 – Cousin/Priori (Naff recordings bandcamp)
Ancient Atoll (Extended Version) – Ulrich Troyer (Boomarm Nation bandcamp)
Saw Your Laughing – Uffe (Tartelet Records bandcamp)
SLEAZY 23 – John T. Gast (5 Gate Temple bandcamp)
Extrait 5. Live au Forum des Halles, Paris – I:Cube (Versatile bandcamp)
Zero History – Tammo Hesselink (Midgar Records bandcamp)
Working Class Hero – Cat Power + Iggy Pop (In The Q Records)
Love, Life, and Money – Lydia Lunch (In The Q Records)
A Time To Blossom – Modern Cosmology & Laetitia Sadier & Mombojó (Duophonic Super 45s)
Rollin Love, Pt. 2 – Three Days Ahead (Numero Group bandcamp)
World of Dreams – Women’s Hour (L.I.E.S. bandcamp)
LATENIGHT B – John T. Gast (5 Gate Temple bandcamp)
Dogon Priest ( Dr. John Henrik Clarke Edit) – Kelman Duran (Kelman Duran bandcamp)
cé mo dhuine siúl sa hi-vis – Trá Pháidín (Trá Pháidín bandcamp)

As heard on tonight’s show my remix of Tribilin Sound’s incredible Love Lights is. now out and even has a drone-alizing video to go with it. Check it out, all fancy like.

Also kicking off tonight’s show is my contribution to Boomarm Nation’s Family Album 2024. Not only is there a raft of excellent music on there but all proceeds go to Sisters of the Road which is a long-standing non-profit community organization in Portland, Oregon working to support low-income and houseless individuals through charitable and educational programs. You can of course ‘pay what you like’ but you’d be making my night and then some if we saw some healthy dubwise donations from Aotearoa.

and on with the show…

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