Stinky Grooves 09.02.16

Stinky Grooves 09.02.16

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To Be Rich (Should Be a Crime) – Jeb Loy Nichols (On-U Sound)
97 Miles – Jeb Loy Nichols (On-U Sound)
Lonely King of the Country – Jeb Loy Nichols (On-U Sound)
Fade Away – Romain Virgo ft Agent Sasco (VP)
Gal Outta Road – Busy Signal (Stainless)
Mr Clarendon – Randy Valentine (free from Hemp Higher)
Radio Music – Randy Valentine (free from Hemp Higher)
What A Night – Jamaica All Stars (Passage Productions)
Motherland (Alpha Steppa’s FKOF dub mix) – Alpha Steppa ft. Kiangana (soundcloud)
Dub Is All I Got (Dubmatix Rougher Dub) – Dub Syndicate (Echo Beach)
Abyssinia Selasie – Muslimgauze (Staalplaat)
Arab – Muslimgauze (Staalplaat)
Benzedrine Wallah – Muslimgauze (Staalplaat)
Cumbiamor – UFe (soundcloud)
Cumlow (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Qechuaboi (soundcloud)
Dembow Nocturno – Zurvolt (soundcloud)
Cuerpo Caliente I – Doma Tornados (bandcamp)
Te vi llorando ((Niño Herrero Edit) – Marco Antonio Velazquez (soundcloud)
Madame Zean – Christian Tossé (Strut)
Z’Enfant Misère – John Kenneth Nelson (Strut)
Rename the Streets (Extended Mix) – Daniel Haaksman (Man)
Platinum Tears – Babyfather ft dj escrow, db, t, mandy, gassman bruiser, platinum tears, breeze, militant, positive flow, deeper , millennial rain, freeze (free)
chasing god through palmyra – nonkeen (R&S)
Moon Lasers – Gut Nose (U.S.RECS)
Believe – Not Waving (Diagonal)
Of Roots Hardly Known – 12z (Other People)
Trap Pt 3 – W-X (Castle Face)
Seeing From Above – 12z (Other People)
Bleeper Feed – Batu (Livity Sound)
April These – Batu (Livity Sound)
Tomorrow We Will Kill You – Not Waving (Diagonal)
Like Endless Patterns – 12z (Other People)
Enjoy Thy Flesh – Gut Nose (U.S.RECS)
Ritual Dingers – Lurka (Hotline)
Snaeha – Pan Ron (Minky)
Hope To Meet You – Unknown Artist (Minky)
Kara Sevda – Füsun Önal (Diskotür)
Malabadi Koprusu – Selçuk Alagoz (Polydor)
Kaslarin Karasina [Your Black Eyebrows] – Edip Akbayram (Shadoks Music)
Bahcelere Geldi Bahar – Zeki Müren (Grafson)
Dikembe Manutu – Moscomann & Red Axes (ESP Institute)

Wahey – Friday on this delightfully short week you can find myself and Dubtete manning the decks and decking the mans dem at Verona, Tragic Flopabout from 5-close, with me oop firstest. Saturday I shal be spinning a coupla hours at the Sweet Sessions which is a little bit of local love for frees on Todd’s Triangle in the heart of mighty New Lynn, that will be 12-2pm, people of the West show yours faces, other lesser compass points are also encouraged to raise their game by coming on over. This Sunday’s Shuffle at the Refreshment Room will have a slights luvverz (delivered in best Worzels accent please moiy dear) tinge for Valentines nonsense from 3-6 but that just means a few more heartical tunes instead of wall to wall sufferers anthems – no drop in quality yer honour.

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