Stinky Grooves 09.06.15

Stinky Grooves 09.06.15

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Admiration – the FRIGHTNRS (bandcamp)
Admiration (version) – the FRIGHTNRS (bandcamp)
Where I’m From – Kiko Bun (Island)
Where I’m From (I Remember How To Dub) – Kiko Bun (Island)
Plant It – Chronixx (Special Delivery)
Wolves – Ziggi Recado (Special Delivery)
Pants & Skirt – Bounty Killer (John John)
Top Class – Collie Buddz (Frass)
Foundation – Cadenza ft Stylo G & Busy Signal (The Full Hundred)
Real Rock – Sound Dimension (Studio One)
Little Dipper – Stinky Jim (soundcloud)
The Casual Tentacles Of Dub – The Casual Sexists (Rongorongo)
Good Fela – Boot & Tax (Optimo Music)
Step Up Fi Come Up – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL (Boomarm Nation)
Son Of Her Majesty – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL (Boomarm Nation)
H910 – Automat (Bureau B)
Soulmate (Adrian Sherwood Dub Remix feat. Ari-Up) – Dubblestandart (Echo Beach)
Costa Oeste – Deltatron meets Punto Rojo (soundcloud)
La Cumbia De Octavio – Tribilin Sound (soundcloud)
La Casa del Terror – Deltatron meets Punto Rojo (soundcloud)
Krong Thips pt1 – Moody Good (bandcamp)
DaffiWood – Jeremiah Jae (bandcamp)
Saigon – SLACKK (R&S)
Chosen – Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Deep Sea Tundras* – Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Anyway – Homeboy Sandman (Stones Throw)
LVL 09 – LEVELZ (bandcamp)
Shalom Alechem – Alchemist (ALC)
RACHEL CUT – Dean Blunt (free)
Eighties – Talal (soundcloud)
Bored + Lazy (Coyote Clean Up’s Bedroom Eyes Dub) – Jamaican Queens (bandcamp)
Ecuación de las Estrellas – Coil & Ford Proco (Mannequin)
Maithuna – High Wolf (Leaving Records)
How Do You Like Me Now? – Junior Fairplay (Emotion Especial)
Moment Of Enlightenment – DMX Krew (Mystic & Quantum)
Urban Fair – NAP (1080P)
Walls (Vito & Druzzi Edit) – Crass (soundcloud)
Tuff Times – Mosey (Future Times)
Pathway – Pye Corner Audio & Belbury Poly (Ghost Box)
Wam Barzz – Mickey Pearce (81)
Maris Piper – TSUNGA (Black Acre)
Fugese – LHF feat. The Ragga Twins (Keysound)
Canker Sore – Ital (Gang Of Ducks)
DNA – Scalper (Like Water)

That was some action packed, rammed to the gills, riotous radio tonight … at least from this side of the desk… so many right rippers. On the ‘ousekeeping tip I’ve got to do a little shelf-promotion and tooting of the own trumpet by alerting you to a new tune liberated from the overcrowded confines of my honking hard drive. It’s called the Little Dipper and its available to stream or download from soundcloud for nix right below (twice, because I’m subtle like that)

Friday we be a-Verona-ing in the traditional style & fashion, like Alan Moore you know the score.

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