Stinky Grooves 10.04.12

Stinky Grooves 10.04.12

Hottest Hothead – Busy Signal (Hot Coffee)
Maddest Ting – Gappy Ranks (Hot Coffee)
Ride – Bounty Killer & Cecile (Cash Flow/Mad House)
Back Way – Cham (Cash Flow/Mad House)
The Don Gorgon Is Back – Ninja Man & Kiprich (Big Yard)
Love Punany Bad (Kya Bamba Rack City Rmx) – Skarra Mucci (soundcloud)
Rack City Instr – Dj Mustard (Cash Money)
Kingston Town (+ Dub) – Busy Signal (VP)
Wicked Man – Busy Signal (VP)
Modern Day Slavery (+ Dub) – Busy Signal (VP)
Dub Rock – The Mexicano (Ice)
Parts Of My Body – General Strike aka Steve Beresford & David Toop (Staubgold)
Burger Night (Version) – Food Pyramid (Moon Glyph)
Flashlight (Adam Marshall No Air Mix) – West Norwood Cassette Library (New Kanada)
Portishead (Machine Gun) x Sister Nancy ( Bam Bam) x Ras G – ひとみ Kiki Hitomi
Cakes In The Window – Scalper (Like Water)
Lord Of Lords – Trim ft Riko (free)
Frozen Sunlight – Billy Woods ft. Open Mike Eagle & MarQ Spekt (Backwoodz)
Molly On My Tongue – Mach Five ft Danny Brown (bandcamp)
Terrorist Threats – Ab-Soul feat. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko (Top Dawg)
Played Out – Jonwayne (free)
Magician- Jonwayne (free)
Accounted To, Then For – Jonwayne (free)
Lady Dro – Traxman (Planet Mu)
Lost At The Filth – Human Teenager (Spectrum Spools)
Whites (In General) – Human Teenager (Spectrum Spools)
Derni/Paralysis – Elephant & Castle (Plug Research)
Essence Investigation – Amen Ra (Keysound)
Sonoluminescence – Double Helix (Keysound)
Breeze – XXYYXX (bandcamp)
Sartana – Heroin In Tahiti (Boring Machines)
Candil de la calle (Apparat Dub Mix) – Apparat (Mute)
Oakland Stroll – Elephant & Castle (Plug Research)
Blaze – Totems (bandcamp)
Sporobolus – Photodementia (Photodementia)
Bellydance – Torky Tork (bandcamp)
Underground – Komonazmuk (Hench)
Simple Things – Amen Ra (Keysound)
Mickey – James Duncan (Banished From The Universe)
Permanent Skin – Human Teenager (Spectrum Spools)
Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad – Caleb (EMI)
Who Careosel – Food Pyramid (Moon Glyph)
One Night – Fort Romeau (100% Silk)
Does It Look Like I’m Here (Daphni Rmx) – Emeralds (Jialolong)
Death Surf – Heroin In Tahiti (Boring Machines)
Nena – Deadbeat (Soul Jazz)
Before I Go – Totems (bandcamp)

By crikey there was some breadth and depth tonight, a joy to behold. Having enjoyed seeing the Specials on their last, last tour I was quite content to not go tonight – I’m sure it will have been primo for folks who never got to see ’em first, or second, time around but after the pleasant surprise at the Logan Concrete I saw no need to push my luck. Glad I was pushing them tunes though – with the new Busy Signal album, the excellent Human Teenager joint and so many more exceptional extravagances (including a whole bunch reluctantly mothballed ’till next week) the barometer was reading ‘too much pressure’… oh I’ll stop myself…..

This Thursday it’s all about Scalper’s release party for Butcher Bakers at Whammy (see flyer in post below). I’ll be gently percolating proceedings and warming up from 9.30 – 11, then it will be Tha Feelstyle, Maitreya and Scalper in fairly short order from 11 on, all done by 1, a tenner on the gate (a steal is what that is) and …see you there.

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