Stinky Grooves 10.09.19

Stinky Grooves 10.09.19


Work Hard (db1 rmx) – Babe Roots (Echocord)
Bigga Boss – The iDEALIST ft Nazamba (iDEAL Recordings bandcamp)
Break the Spirit – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
Better to be with Me – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
Street Kings – Jah Cure, Capleton, Junior Reid, Yami Bolo (VP)
Masanga – Seke Molenga & Kalo Kawongolo (Trojan)
Cada Domingo a las Doce – Tribilín Sound & Rolo Gallardo (Music MGP)
No Supe Como Ponerle – Sátanico Dr Truza (soundcloud)
Amor Modular – Salsa Fingers (I Lost My Poncho In Istanbul bandcamp)
Zaka Tiako Mamolaka Keriko – Atrefy Andriana (Strut bandcamp)
Jazz Sega – Jeannot Rabeson et Son Orchestre (Strut bandcamp)
Insomnia – Curses (Höga Nord Rekords bandcamp)
Trespassers Unite – Autarkic (Optimo Music Digital Danceforce bandcamp)
T 3.4 – Carter Tutti Void (Conspiracy International)
Ally Cat – CodeKid (Super Black Tapes bandcamp)
Golden Sun (Yonsei Remix) – Beshken (Beshken bandcamp)
Line to earth – Joe (Cómeme bandcamp)
Ofiodaimon (Mekine U Teksi Remix) – Anatolian Weapons (Beats In Space bandcamp)
The Gardener – Patrick Conway (Fusion Diagnostics bandcamp)
Jah Nuh Dead (forest drive west rmx) – Babe Roots (Echocord)
Goulbap – Bakongo (Livity Sound bandcamp)
Antechamber – M.E.S.H. (Hesaitix bandcamp)
Interplanetary Children – The Diabolical Liberties (On The Corner bandcamp)
Der Mussolini – Daf [PIAS] Le Label
Radio Babylon  – Meat Beat Manifesto [PIAS] Le Label
Rumors (Sonns Remix) – Julian Stetter (Mireia)
Chinese Black – The Neon Judgement [PIAS] Le Label
Spooky Concerns – The Woodleigh Research Facility (Rotters Golf Club)
Springfield 61 – L’Épée (Because Music)
Lou – L’Épée (Because Music)
Materia-prima – Igor Wakhevitch (Finders Keepers bandcamp)
‘Ndrangheta Allotment – Meatraffle (Delayed Records bandcamp)
Filhos de Gandhi (Um Abraço em Gilberto Gil) – Edson Conceição (Selva Discos bandcamp)
Ai Barb Ap Boon – Kwanjit Sriprajan (Zudrangma Records bandcamp)
Amboliako Fary – Charles Maurin Poty (Strut bandcamp)
The Day the Earth Stood Still – Meatraffle (Delayed Records bandcamp)
The Burial of Charlemagne – Curses (Höga Nord Rekords bandcamp)
New Year’s Day – HTRK (Mistletone bandcamp)

Dub and myself will be giving it a little reggaematical tickle, old and new all very very good for you at Hallertau on Sunday from 12.30…

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