Stinky Grooves 11.01.11 & Zombie Carpenter Zombie…

Stinky Grooves 11.01.11 & Zombie Carpenter Zombie…

Winter Rose – The Bees (Fiction)
Aspen Forest – Gorillaz
The Parish Of Space Dust – Gorillaz
5th Echelon – The Jet Age Of Tomorrow (bandcamp)
Thump Thump – The Jet Age Of Tomorrow (bandcamp)
Gullfjellet – Bjorn Torske (Smalltown Supersound)
People Talk – Etana (VP)
Familiar Stranger – Sara Lugo (Oneness)
Another Sunday – Lloyd Brown (Peckings)
Just Aint The Same – Damian Marley
Jump Inna D Benz – Vybz Kartel (Not Nice)
Place Dusty – Sunshine (Truck Back)
Tun Up Riddim – Truck Back Crew (Truck Back)
Assault On Precinct 13 Main Theme – Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
The Young People – Moon Wiring Club & Belbury Poly (Ghost Box)
The Throning – Hype Williams (Destijl)
Never Understand – Terry Edwards (Sartorial)
Soul Lam Plearn – The Petch Phin Thong Band (Soundway)
Yaak (Want) – Noppadol Duangporn (Zudrangma)
吻定情 – Moon Stars (New Wave Recordings)
Tizita – Kuku Sebsebe
Abay Mado/Imbwa Belew – Mahmoud Ahmed (Hannibal)
Menew Beqerebegn – Ayalew Mesfin (Budda)
Slaving – Lloyd Parks (Parks)
One Spliff A Day – Billy Boyo (Greensleeves)
Blackness In Dub – Brad & Ossie All Stars (Wackies)
Pointing Fingers – Martyn/Mike Slott (All City)
Hip Love (Jamie xx Rmx) – FaltyDL (Ramp)
Halloween Main Theme – Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
The Bank Robbery – Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
Detroit – Gorillaz
Nitten Nitti – Bjorn Torske (Smalltown Supesound)
Change Can Happen – The Bees (Fiction)
La Chat Du Cafe Des Artistes – Jean-Pierre Ferland (GSI)
Pressure Makes Me Lazy – The Bees (Fiction)
Gaia – The Bees (Fiction)
Hat Trap – Mood Unit (Round Trip Mars)
Swingalong – Belbury Poly (Ghost Box)
Kuhn (Original Mix) – Astro Nautico (bandcamp)
How Would U Know – LA Vampires featuring Matrix Metals (Not Not Fun)
Blue Dream – Hype Williams (Destijl)
Love In The Purple Forest – – The Jet Age Of Tomorrow (bandcamp)

One of those shows where it was a struggle to keep on any sort of a track through the musical undergrowth, with so many delightful divergences all vying for a bit of airwave love. After having a romp through the Rhythm Selection in Dubhead’s absence (playlist below btw) I was fairly sated on the reggae regular tip but there was soooooo much more.

Tonight a quick little taster from Zombie Zombie (cheers KH!), who have done quite possibly the most obvious thing they could have, in covering 5 of John Carpenter’s film themes. This is a shoo in, and then some, for me – big fan of the French duo who make a delightful racket with drums, synths and malodorous intent and also a huge fan of John Carpenter’s soundtracks…. what could be better?? Not much! Slap a cover from La Boca on there and you’ve just about made my year.

You know the story by now, support the artists, labels and whatnot and show some amour with your wallet …. buy on CD at Piccadilly

and lets not be forgetting the playlist from the Rhythm Selection last night, twas an honour and a privilege..

Solja Man Skank – Roots (Grass Roots)
How Could I Leave – Freddy Mckay (GG)
Dub Pt 2 – G G All Stars (G G)
Freedom Day – Ken Boothe (Trojan)
Strange Things – Sugar Minott (Trojan)
Weapons Of War – Luciano (Oneness)
Familiar Stranger – Sara Lugo (Oneness)
Jah Army – Stephen Marley ft Damian Marley & Buju Banton
Solidarity Pt 2 – Mykal Rose & Capleton (Thriller Music)
Cuss Cuss (Footsie Dub) – Footsie (Rastaman Pickney EP)
Forward – George Lenton (soundcloud)
Pistol Boy – Militant Barry (Manic)
Charles Manson – Tanglewood (Creole)
L.S.D. – Trinity Meets The Mighty Diamonds (Gorgon)
Fish Filet Fish Man Dub – Ranking Trevor (Black Roots)
Top Of The Pops – Captain Sinbad (Greensleeves)
Gully Bank – High Times Band (High Times)
Punani Magic – Spikey Tee
Rudest Dude- Lotek (Counter Clockwise)
Rudest Dub – Lotek (Counter Clockwise)
Bill – Tifa (Irie Vibrations)
Hail Jah – Anthony B (Irie Vibrations)
No Love – Ward 21(Irie Vibrations)
As Mi Forward (Rmx) – Busy Signal, Etana, Million Stylez etc (Necessary Mayhem)
Billie Jean Riddim – Irie Ites Crew (Irie Ites)
Parrot Jungle – Mikey Dread At The Controls (Sufferers Heights)
Westman Scank – Dr Alimantado & Dennis Ferron (Ital)
Equality & Sub For All – Wrongtom Rmx) – Pama Intl (Rockers Revolt)
Sofa (Wrongtom Rmx) – Nextmen ft Puppa Jim (Nice Up)

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