Stinky Grooves 11.04.17

Stinky Grooves 11.04.17

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The Breathtaking Blast – Tradition (bandcamp)
The Creepy Crawl – Tradition (bandcamp)
Dhaka Corinthia (One World One Heart Dub) – Dub Trees (bandcamp)
Metal Tent Wicked – Tolouse Low Trax (bandcamp)
Canto A Mi Alma (El Búho Edit) – Grupo Andino de Oruro Bolivia (soundcloud)
Cumbia De Los Espectros 2017 Limpia Grupo Super T – DJ Padrinomix (soundcloud)
Soft – Lucas Lead (Folcore bandcamp)
Guerrero Andino (Lascivio Bohemia remix) – Tropikhongo & Pablo Pachacutik (soundcloud)
Cumbia Bucanero – Ondatropica (Soundway)
El Ventarron – Afrosound (Discos Fuentes)
Perdido En El Espacio – Juaneco Y Su Combo (IMSA)
Boutique Beast – Tolouse Low Trax (bandcamp)
Inexplicable (pt 4) – Yuri Morozov (Buried Treasure)
Mirror’s Edge – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Magic Carpet Ride – Carritos De Golfa (bandcamp)
U-Eff-O – Yally (Diagonal)
Technological Enslavement (Kowton Remix) – Jayson Wynters (Dont Be Afraid)
The Spiral – Pye Corner Audio (Death Waltz)
Wilderness – Mori Ra (Planet Tracy)
Øl på SM-Art Bar – DJ Sotofett (Börft Records)
Bubblegum (Andrew Weatherall remix) – Confidence Men (soundcloud)
Kamp Krusty – Dreems (Multi Culti)
TN606_1 – HLLW (Lobster Theremin)
Where the Heart Is – Kate Tempest & Elysian String Quartet (Gearbox)
A Golden Boot – Sun Araw (bandcamp)
Misplaced In Time – The Caretaker (bandcamp)
UNTITLED 7 – Actress (Ninja Tune)
solari – Ryuichi Sakamoto (Raster-Norton)
Death is the Ultimate Reward – Hot Sugar (Noise Collector)
Sevens – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Swoon – Fujiya & Miyagi (Impossible Objects Of Desire)
Synthetic Symphonies – Fujiya & Miyagi (Impossible Objects Of Desire)
Marina Dub – Tolouse Low Trax (bandcamp)
Again – Pascal Comelade (Vinyl-On-Demand)
Nicaragua – Pascal Comelade (Vinyl-On-Demand)
Avidia – Yuri Morozov (Buried Treasure)
Entendrillar – Bass Clef (The Trilogy Tapes)

They say Good Friday but what’s so good about a day when Love Bucket is forced to be shut I ask you? Not nearly enough. Fortunately we have a solution by turning Thursday into Friday so I’ll be playing at LB on Thursday from 7, it seems to get better every week and it started off pretty good. Would be lovely to see you so don’t be an egg and come along. Have a tip top Easter bun rush anyways…

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