Stinky Grooves 12.02.13

Stinky Grooves 12.02.13

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Here Comes Trouble – Chronixx (Overstand Entertainment)
Modern Day Judas -Jesse Royal (Overstand Entertainment)
Cold Girl – Tarrus Riley (Overstand Entertainment)
Sen It On – Busy Signal (Tall Kingz Prodns)
Can’t Stop Mi Glory – Bawse Dog (Tall Kingz Prodns)
Hamma Ben – Capleton (Tall Kingz Prodns)
Top Shelf Riddim – Tall Kingz (Tall Kingz Prodns)
The Gum – Beenie Man (Wiletunes)
Warrior – Elephant Man (Wiletunes)
Calendar – Ward 21 (Wiletunes)
Beg People Fren – Frisco (Wiletunes)
See Suh Nuh – Cobra (Wiletunes)
Dun Wife Already – Spice (Scorn Dem)
Nicompoo – Spice (Building Block Ent.)
At The Top (Just Us) – Mavado (Armz House)
Remote Man – 3 Star & G Starr (Armz House)
Kind To Dem – Agent Sasco (Armz House)
First Capital Riddim Version – Armz House Records (Armz House)
Viene de Mi (Captain Planet Remix) – La Yegros (ZZK)
Tendras Que Llorar – DJ Pase (soundcloud)
Todos Los Silencios – Kuto Selektah Quilla (Folcore)
Rin-Rin Corre Corre – Rompermayo (Caballito)
Morena Gata – DJ Quien (soundcloud)
Alasca – Kazamatsuri Kenta (bandcamp)
Bruja – Mr Jags (soundcloud)
Mujeres En Danza Refix – Kuto Selektah Quilla (Folcore)
El Bueno El Malo Y El Cumbiero – Black Mandingo (Sub Klub)
_For Phil – Teebs (free)
In The Penthouse – Penthouse Penthouse (Alpha Pup)
Guuurl – Lapalux (Brainfeeder)
G A L A X Y (Scratch 22 Translinear Rmx) – Christoph’ El Truento (bandcamp)
Uh Oh Hey Um – Nalepa (Alpha Pup)
God Is Gracious – Mugwump (Astro Lab)
Skwatch – The Asphodells (Rotters Golf Club)
Can/Forever Detroit – The Cyclist (soundcloud)
Room To Raum (Demo) – Stinky Jim (Round Trip Mars)
Darabuka For The Deaf – Anatol (Ambassador’s Reception)
Raw Code – Pev & Kowton (Hessle Audio)
The Morning – Lontalius (bandcamp)
The Same (Drum Version) – Lontalius (bandcamp)
9 – Follakzoid (Sacred Bones)
Higgs Boson Blues – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (Mute)
Harlem Nocturne – Viscounts (Famous Flames)
Gonzo – James Booker (Famous Flames)
Music To Watch Girls By – Pastor John (Omni Recording Corporation)
Groovin’ – Pastor John (Omni Recording Corporation)

new mixtape up tomorrow, and another to swiftly follow. The first (Stinkmix 12 – Late Night Snack is a bit of a cracker and is up on Mixcloud already….. beeteewubbleyou)


Those pastor John tunes are amazing. Wash that down with some church universal and the sound of American doomsday cults. Even more genius

Thanks for the comment and cheers for the ears. The Pastor John gear is nuts , he’s off the hook (and the chain)… but definitely on something too! I picked that up from the wicked and dangerous Amoeba online hooha for original digitised vinyl curios… a very thrilling and dangerous locale for me and my paypal account! It was only when I started reading up afterwards that I discovered that Omni had a stonking re-issue/comp and me old mucker Kev was involved with that…and the world became a smaller place!
Please don’t start me on the doomsday cults, I have a chunk of that stuff that I use for sampling and other rudeness.I find it sometimes fascinating but overall cringey and spooky in equal measures, though brilliant to be subverted and twisted into other shapes and textures for musicmakery.
Like gospel (though curiously and rather unwittingly hypocritically…not reggae, where almost all bets are off with lyrical religio nutterdom) I find it hard to play cult chants, recordings, and the many utterly bizarre religious records I have – on the radio – it just makes me squirm a bit and (for once) wonder and care about what people might be thinking… Pastor John though – he’s easily rakish, strange and wrong enough to fit right in, no questions asked.

Hey Regan
Thanks again for the mail/comment – always appreciated. I don’t have the box set, but I do have tapes of the numbers stations from way back (and I think a record of them on Touch as well somewhere) and can remember on at least one Tranquility Bass show sliding them underneath the space-bound nonsense Kirk and myself were playing. Actually heard some ‘live’ on the radio back in the day at my Uncles place in East Anglia (where there were a lot of US air bases etc at the time) and noticed that a reference to them appeared in The Americans TV series recently too (not that its much chop)
Isn’t it wicked how so much of this previously obscure and hard to track down gear is now readily available – I just wish more people were curious and pursuing it.

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