Stinky Grooves 12.03.13 Bought To You by Verona -_-

Stinky Grooves 12.03.13 Bought To You by Verona -_-

weldermask wahsed out

Weed Smokers (The Heatwave Refix) – Vybz Kartel & Richie Spice (Heatwave)
As You See It (Mr Benn remix) – Cutty Ranks (Nice Up)
Incredible (Wrongtom remix) – General Levy (Nice Up)
Don Alejo (Grant Phabao Remix) – The Echocentrics (Ubiquity)
Sluggy Riddim – Maffi (soundcloud)
Freestyle Omnichord – Naram (soundcloud)
And The Living Is Easy (Dynamics Remix) – Guts (Wax On)
Larele (Frikstailers Remix) – Meneo (soundcloud)
Danza Lanza – Eliazz y Lukitas (soundcloud)
Marta Cecilia – Los Reyes de la Costa (soundcloud)
Democracia – Los Reyes de la Costa (soundcloud)
El Condor Pasa – Ruido Noise Krash (bandcamp)
Marañon (Afro Kumbé Remix) – Lucho Bermudez – Edmundo Arias (soundcloud)
Los Angeliens (cumbia extraterrestre) – Electroteca (Caballito)
Danza 3D – Funebreeeero ! – Eliazz (soundcloud)
Morey Boogey Boards – Action Bronson & Harry Fraud (Dat Piff)
Hottest MC – Danny Brown & Harry Fraud (Dat Piff)
Road Runner – Pusha T ft. Troy Ave Harry Fraud (Dat Piff)
Nostrand 3 – Weekend Money (soundcloud)
Dead Vets on Cassette – Zilla Rocca vs Gaslamp Killer & Adrian Younge (soundcloud)
Enemies – Adrian Younge Presents the Delfonics featuring William Hart (soundcloud)
The Rise of the Ghostface Killah – Ghostf ace Killah and Adrian Younge (bandcamp)
The Cattle List – Rocky Business ft feat Action Bronson (soundcloud)
Tiger Uppercut – Kool G Rap ft. Trapzillas (Logic Ali) Harry Fraud (Dat Piff)
Wake Up – Trae Tha Truth ft. French Montana Harry Fraud (Dat Piff)
Califlorida – Astronautica (soundcloud)
SunDial MeltDown – Computer Jay feat. Gaslamp Killer (soundcloud)
A&E – Inga Copeland (World Music)
Marijuana – Chrome Sparx (bandcamp)
Wanderlust (Old Appartus Remix) – Cloud Boat (Apollo)
Deep Fried Love – Paper/Upper/Cuts (Boomarm Nation)
Colombia – Paper/Upper/Cuts (Boomarm Nation)
The Last Of The Heroes – Steve Mason (Double Six)
Emocean – Rikki Gooch (bandcamp)
Steaua De Mare – Steaua De Mare (Ambassador’s Reception)
C’est L’amour – Deadstock 33’s (Gomma)
Letter Of Intent (DJ Sprinkles Remix) – Ducktails (Domino)
Rollin’ – DJ Rashad (Hyperdub)
Speak – Inga Copeland (World Music)
Beautiful Son (John Talabot’s Acetate Dub) – Peaking Lights (Weird World)
Operation Mason – Steve Mason (Double Six)
The Bucegi Under-tunnel – Departmentul Zero (Ambassador’s Reception)
VoVo – Gulls (Boomarm Nation)
Snow Dub – Segue (Silent Season Country)
Tour De Chile (Soft Rocks Remix) – Red Axes (I’m A Cliche)
Deep Conga – Gulls (Boomarm Nation)
Toamna – Australopitecus Oltensis (Ambassador’s Reception)
Beautiful Son (Richard Formby Remix) – Peaking Lights (Weird World)

Apologies for the relative silence and lack of mixCds of late, has been well busy and will be like that for the next few. There is the next old Stinkmix up at Mixcloud, I’ll get a post up here about that presently.
In the meantime Magic Roundabout at Verona was scorching on Friday, a real opportunity to play through the styles over a 4 hour period from 5-9. The beer’s good, the food is gooder – the tunes will be the best , would be luvverly to see any and all………….


Cheers Jeff
You should check out Naram’s soundcloud (if you haven’t already) – he does great tunes and I think this’un may be my favouritest yet – ta for the lugs bud

I met you in ohakune 7 years ago.. you gave me a copy of Stinkbombs 101, loved that playlist for years but the CD got stolen from my car! Any chance you have it posted somewhere i can download? Happy to pay!


Nice one M. Yes memories of those Ohakune nights always a touch cloudy at this end but always big grins. Stinkbombs 101 will be appearing here at some point (for free) in the next wee while but I’ve been struggling to keep up with my one mix a week recently with life getting in the way. Drop me a line via the contact button up above if you don’t want to wait, and we’ll sort something out nae probs. Glad you got some mileage out of that one and I hope there is a despicable tea leaf out there somewhere repenting for his Babylonian ways with the healing powers of a purloined stinkmix.

Thanks Jim, your contact button wasn’t working so i reached out this way! Looking forward to more stinkbombs!


Thats strange that the contact button didn’t work, what happened (or didn’t?) it seems to be OK now. Stinkbombs 101 is available for download here . Knock yourself out and thanks for the ears and vibes…

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