Stinky Grooves 12.04.16

Stinky Grooves 12.04.16

Copy of IMG_0851 lofi
No Friend Fi Dem – Naram & Art & Tonto Irie (Cubiculo)
Ripper Riddim – Naram & Art (Cubiculo)
Mount A Gal – Kanvers ft Hardio (soundcloud)
Fire Caan Cool – Kabak Pyramid & Bassic Division (soundcloud)
New Lions Remix Prison Oval Rock – Israel Starr (soundcloud)
A Life Worth Living (Album) – Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno feat. U-Roy & Alice Russell (Tru Thoughts)
A Life Worth Living (Instrumental) – Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno feat. U-Roy & Alice Russell (Tru Thoughts)
Rasta Beach (Al Breadwinner Mix 2) – Ruf Dug (Music For Dreams)
Speedboat (Peaking Lights Disco Dub)- Ruf Dug (Music For Dreams)
A Melodica Version – Adam Prescott ft Addis Pablo (Reggae Roast)
Uno – Torcet (soundcloud)
Granular (PapiPerez Remix) – Torcet (soundcloud)
Uqhutam (Lagartijeando remix) – Luzmila Carpio (soundcloud)
Turino Sun – Sébastien Tellier (bandcamp)
Harps Ascend – Dandelion Set (Buried Treasure)
Blue Smoke – Ex-Terrestrial (1080p)
Rhythm Is All You Can Dance (Wolf Muller Remix) – Africaine 808 (Golf Channel)
Pink Sun – The Field (Kompakt)
Inner Path To Outer Space (Live) – Claudio Cremonesi (bandcamp)
N – Dan Lissvik (Smalltown Supersound)
God Hour – Babyfather ft Micachu (Hyperdub)
You Don’t Forget Girls With Grey Eyes – COCAINE JESUS (Dream Catalogue)
Flesh- COCAINE JESUS ft HKE (Dream Catalogue)
Yumeji’s Theme (David Mears edit) – Shigeru Umebayashi (soundcloud)
Diagram Girl (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation) – Beyond The Wizards Sleeve (Phantasy)
Pleine lune II – Sébastien Tellier (bandcamp)
The Fludd – Ondo Fudd (The Trilogy Tapes)
N R 1 – Nosaj Thing (bandcamp)
When a Woman Is Around (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Unloved (Unloved)
Austerlitz – Die Wilde Jagd (Bureau B)
Star Furnace – The Comet Is Coming (Leaf)
Nine Regal – Dandelion Set (Buried Treasure)
Amanecer – Tribilin Sound (soundcloud)
Floods – Commodo (Black Acre)
Diagram Girl (Shock machine Rework) – Beyond The Wizards Sleeve (Phantasy)
Motivation – Babyfather (Hyperdub)

Magic Roundabout with Manuel Bundy this Friday, Dubs got a bye. I’m done….


hey…I didn’t catch the show…i turned the radio off the night before and its not been on since. My partner came and asked me what I knew about “cheese on toast”…I said oh that’s tunesday 7-9…right before SJ….she says i have some bad news…omg….what…i just couldn’t quite process that….dirt bag radio was nearing the end of their show…what…i am really shocked by that…i felt so foolish for playing the tardis tune of the week game, for all those shows, but i did quite like the upbeat sorta vibe of it….and so the transgression kinda crossed a bottom line of i was really shocked…like i say radio silence…i felt foolish…and then i thought all those Bfm news stories about young woman in hospo and patrons…and i have a daughter…anyway I am sorta outa sorts…the groove…the needle jumped the track…i just cant turn the radio on at present…i know life goes on and all that…and then i thought about the victims. Anyway, like i say I will try and pick myself up. I just wanted to post something about the shock i used to be a fun time…I suppose its the classic process denial, anger and come out the other side. But most importantly, I will down load the podcast and try to recapture where I was at just before 9pm monday night.

Of course all of the above has nothing to do with the SJ show, so I will get over it. Man I wished that hadn’t happened.

very quiet round here at present…anyway just wanted to say how i feel about it.


Hey Whyte Russian
I hear you – I’ve got no words for all of this. Spot you at 7pm next week? Hope the schedule change doesn’t mess up your listening, thanks as ever for the ears and vibes.

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