Stinky Grooves 12.05.09 and the mighty El Hijo De La Cumbia

Stinky Grooves 12.05.09 and the mighty El Hijo De La Cumbia
Moth – Burial & Four Tet (Text)
Little Things – Martyn (3024)
Shreds – Geoim & Appleblim (Berkane Sol)
Bear Witness – Pangea (Hot Flush)
Agosto Morado (Subeena Rmx) -Pepepe  (Imminent) 
Strangers – Beat Pharmacy ft Spaceape (Wave Music)
Sign Rhythm – Andre ‘Suku’ Gray (Soul Jazz)
Nah Go Dung There – Busy Signal
Step To We – Busy Signal (SSMG)
The Ansa – Busy Signal
Street Team Version – Fire Links Crew (Fire Links)
Primavera En La Selva – Chicha Libre (Barbes Records)
Guacharaca L.A. – DJ NEO
Ruff Bizniss – Ravel 
Emisor (Cumbia Style) – Villa Diamante
Nights – El Hijo De La Cumbia (Soot)
Varella Riddim  – Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
Sweat Till Morning (Quiet Village Rmx) – Vagabond (Polydor)
Kunst Or Ars – Meanderthals (Smalltown Supersound)
A very small intro – Prins Thomas (Robert-Johnson)
Funky Bass (Idjuts Version) – Arpadys (Robert-Johnson)
Giorgio Carpenter – Cage & Aviary (Robert-Johnson)
King Of Witches (Rub N Tug Rmx) – Capracara (Robert-Johnson)
The Centre – Brassica (Dissident)
Wolf Cub – Burial & Four Tet (Text)
Flame Tree – Geiom & Applblim (Berkane Sol)
Traumatic Times – LD (Hyperdub)
Backwardation – Timeblind  (Version)
Northern Something – Tortoise (Thrill Jockey)
High Class Slim Came Floating In – Tortoise (Thrill Jockey)
The Hologram – Mark Pritchard (Ho Hum)
Dirtbox – Harmonic 313 (Soul Jazz)
Private Places (Shackleton & Mordant Music Version) – Vindicatrix (Mordant Music)
Dayrider – Ramadanman (Soul Jazz)
This week, and only up for a week is a subdued scorcher from the accordion architect and rey of rhythm building, El Hijo De La Cumbia. His album ‘Freestyle De Ritmos’ hasn’t really been catching as much shine it should, which in my book is full focus, umimitigated microscopic attention on a major scale. It did, deservedly, cop a Single Of The Week on iTunes in the States but this album should be going down as one of the essential releases of the year thus far, yet instead most folks are blabbering on about spoilt indie bands that won’t last two years, wavey ravey gravey templates and a  grab-bag of other transient, ephemeral, hipster-hugging junk….. nurse, the screens!
Ah well….. this top shelf album is very easy to get hold of if you’re using your d’s in the digital dump (download and disc), and hopefully there’ll be some more on wax from EHDLC soon. The track I played tonight went superbly after Villa Diamante’s drop-dead gorgeous ‘Emisor’ (which is easily findable with a google if you’re quick smart, or quick and smart), but it’s actually the mellowest moment on an album that isn’t afraid to go for the jig-ular when necessary. Alongside the (already much raved about here) Chancha Via Circuito  and El Remolon albums it’s a consistently solid, absolutely essential artist album from a scene that doesn’t seem to be suffering any of the usual issues with dancefloor music and full-length projects. Some of the first new cumbia stuff that really blew me away and set me off a-searching was from this geezer, and he’s got a ripe background that saw him kicking off his stage career pre-teens, mixing it up in Mexico and allsorts. This album feels like an expulsion or exposition of all those experiences,  with strains and strands that go far deeper than the norm, enhanced by a really unique musical signature.
I trust you catch my general drift, your life is a meaningless, interminable plod on the hamster wheel without these accordionised slices of awesomeness and retooled South American rhythms playing a part. You can find the links for DJ/rupture’s Soot label, who have done the rightest right thing in releasing it, in the Stinkbombs 808 post below. For now, all you need to know is that you can ……
Buy the disc
Or do the eMusic or iTunes thingumy and many others nae doubt
el hijo de la cumbia

If you haven’t already, please do nip downstairs to the previous post and grab yourself Stinkbombs 808, there’s going to be another, very different Stinkmix going up in the next week so keep ’em peeled skipper. 

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