Stinky Grooves 12.12.17

Stinky Grooves 12.12.17


Under Dubwood – The Dubwood Allstars (Rivertones)
Mainne Kaun Koi Kya Jane – Anuradha Paudwal (Nascente)
Give Love a Try – I. Benjahman (Hot Milk)
Mind Blowing Dub (Part Two) – I. Benjahman / Dennis Bovell (Hot Milk)
Lion Kingdom Dub Flash (Tan Tan & Earthman Tune In) – I. Benjahman (Hot Milk)
Tranquility through Humility (Madplate remix) – Zion Train (Elastica Records)
Soup Riddim – Andy Mac & Ossia (No Corner bandcamp)
Night School Of Universal Wisdom – Thunder Tillman (ESP Institute)
Horse Fly Dub – Andy Mac (Idle Hands)
Sieben Dub – Jay Glass Dubs (Seagrave bandcamp)
The Laibon Dance – Ohxalá (Shika Shaka bandcamp)
Ono no – Komachi O.R. (Shika Shaka bandcamp)
L’horloge – Golden Bug (La Belle bandcamp)
Haratama – Landhouse & Raddantze (Akumandra bandcamp)
Jan Pahechan Ho – Van Shipley (Sublime Frequencies)
I’m Wild, Oh I See – Sutja Gutierrez (Relish bandcamp)
Room B3 – Thomass Jackson (Calypso)
Neupump – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Krokodil (Get A Room! Remix) – Golden Bug (LaBelle bandcamp)
Klang – Smagghe & Cross (Smagghe & Cross bandcamp)
The Ridge To Catequil – Thunder Tillman (ESP Institute)
Piya Tu Ab To Aja – Kazi Aniruddha (Sublime Frequencies)
Sareban – Mehrpouya (Pharaway Sounds)
Casablanca Shuffle – Belbao (Habibi Funk bandcamp)
Al Asafir – Kamal Keila (Habibi Funk bandcamp)
River Theme – Time & Space Machine (Rivertones)
Tough Time Missing You – Charlie Electric Guitar Band’s Sound Of Japan (Sublime Frequencies)
Slipping (Kowton remix) – Hodge & Randomer (Clone Basement Series)
Heathen Emissaries From The Dens of Babylon – Equiknoxx (DDS)
Merry Mithrasmas (A.L.F.O.S. Dubplate) – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Creepy PC – Thomass Jackson (Calypso)
Æ – Prins Thomas (Prins Thomas Musikk)
Oceanic – Thunder Tillman (ESP Institute)
The Way I Walk – Pascal Comelade (DiscMedi S.A.)

This week I will mostly be playing tunes at Love Bucket 7-10 Friday, followed by Dubhead. In fact not mostly but completely.

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