Stinky Grooves 13.01.15

Stinky Grooves 13.01.15

Oz Drive In tiled redyellow THE four transparent

D.J. Choice – Winston Williams (Kingston Sounds)
Ten Thousand Tons Of Dollar Bills – Bunny Lee All Stars (Kingston Sounds)
Moon Hop – Derrick Morgan (Kingston Sounds)
The Avengers – Tommy McCook (Kingston Sounds)
Joe Razor – Roy Shirley (Kingston Sounds)
How We Living – Pete Cannon Meets Ghost Writerz (Tru Thoughts)
How We Living (Instrumental) – Pete Cannon Meets Ghost Writerz (Tru Thoughts)
Peepin Tom (Evian Christ UN Edit) – I-Octane (Lucky Numbers Advent Calendar)
Eastwind Dub – ALTER ECHO & E3 (Free from Boomarm Nation)
Parallel – Teleseen (Free from Boomarm Nation)
Otali – Stinky Jim
Kumbia Turkomano – ☼♢Sitlaly♢☼ (soundcloud)
Chino del un monte – Martin Bruhn (soundcloud)
Cuban Mambo (Burundanga Remix) – Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra (soundcloud)
Mi Negra Pena (Arturo Herrera Remix) – Sonia Lopez (soundcloud)
Corazon De Acero (Arturo Herrera Remix) – Sonia Lopez (soundcloud)
Lamanai – Chancha Via Circuito (free from Cassette blog)
Cumbia De Piedra (Tribilin Sound RMX) – Jhon William Castaño Montoya (soundcloud)
Trip Cumbia (Tribilin Sound “Lo-Fi” Remix) – DJ Neber (soundcloud)
Film Noir – Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Mammoth – Chester Watson ft. Breeze Pachino (bandcamp)
Camesl and Cranes – Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Bog Me Čuva – Chester Watson ft. Gün Yaprak (bandcamp)
No Safety On A Body – Lorn (soundcloud)
Powertrip – Lorn (soundcloud)
Yellow Haze – Rabit (Soundman Chronicles)
Punch – HTRK (Sleeperhold Publications)
Impossible Windows / Caballero Futuro – Lumerians (Cardinal Fuzz)
Ufotube – Odd Numbers (Rush Hour)
Mouth – Ghost Culture (Phantasy)
Tunnel – Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s (Correspondant)
Match 187 Remix – James Murphy (IBM)
Flying Navajo – Young Marco (Cocktail D’Amore)
Surrender (Dub) – Portable (Live At Robert Johnson)
Free The Skull – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
J’aurais Voulu – Stella (RPM)
A B C D – Shakayik (Raks-Discos)
Ashk-e Roya E Bashkahe – Moha Jamin (Raks-Discos)
Ladder Motion – Gulls (Free from Boomarm Nation)
Fela – Mongo Skato (1080p)
Insight – Javi Redondo (Correspondant)
Take Your Time – Lonely Boy (Futureboogie)

As mentioned on the show this weeks Magic Roundabout will be a special session with Josh from Lion Rockers and his co-pilot in organising the Ruapuke Roots Garden Festival joining us from 8-10…don’t miss.

Bunch of good stuff from the Cassette blog’s final 4th Year Anniversary comp, look for this hirsute fellow and check it here


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