Stinky Grooves 13.06.23

Stinky Grooves 13.06.23

DJ Old Rat Chapter II – The Return Side A –
Nah Go Dub ? – King Tubby (?)
Say You Version – Tony Robinson? (?)
Cool & Remix Dub – O.B.F & Nazamba (OBF Dubquake bandcamp)
Revolution Call – Blend Mishkin x Panos Dimitrkopoulos (Blend Mishkin bandcamp)
The Hidden Agent (Wurli Dub) – Blend Mishkin x Panos Dimitrkopoulos (Blend Mishkin bandcamp)
Blam Blam (Remix) – Richie Phoe & Kingston Express + Cheshire Cat (Kingston Express)
Me & Me Princess (Version 2) – Lightning Head (Tru Thoughts bandcamp)
Babaï – Kaval (Egregore Collective bandcamp)
FC Ladub – Big Hands & Soreab (XCPT Music bandcamp)
The Robots (Dub) – Kid Loco meets Soul Sugar (Echo Beach)
Spooki (Ash Walker Dub) – Ebi Soda (Tru Thoughts bandcamp)
Chan Chan (Valtierra & Alexei Di Juno Edit) – Buena Vista Social Club (soundcloud)
Scars – Anthony Naples (Anthony Naples bandcamp)
Searching – Wata Igarashi (Kompakt bandcamp)
All Ages – Loket (Loket Music bandcamp)
Toru – Donato Dozzy (Spazio Disponibile bandcamp)
Cheetah Fire – A-Tweed x Oltrefuturo (Haus Of Beats bandcamp)
Our Patagonian Friends (Love A Remix) – Puerto Montt City Orchestra (Higher Love bandcamp)
Magosa – Donato Dozzy (Spazio Disponibile bandcamp)
Silas – Anthony Naples (Anthony Naples bandcamp)
Microdosing – African Head Charge (On-U Sound bandcamp)
For Spirits – Batu (Timedance bandcamp)
Canaan – Coco Bryce (Myor bandcamp)
The Aquarium – Sonar Audio Research (Kalahari Oyster Cult bandcamp)
The Elements – Markarian 205 (Kalahari Oyster Cult bandcamp)
Buckfunk Beatz – Si Begg (Central Processing Unit bandcamp)
Le Petit Mort – Maayan Nidam (GEIGLING)
ER 1 – oma totem (Hivern Discs bandcamp)
Before Tomorrow (Richard Norris’ Avalon Remix Instrumental) – Hollow Hand (Names Music)
I’m Hurt (Trentemøller Remix) – A Place to Bury Strangers (Dedstrange bandcamp)
Leon – Baxter Dury (Heavenly Recordings bandcamp)
Pale White Nissan – Baxter Dury (Heavenly Recordings bandcamp)
Harmonicas are Shite – Fila Brazillia (Warm bandcamp)
top level dub – Dennis Bovell (Glitterbeat)
Love Reaches Out (Sonic Boom Remix) – A Place to Bury Strangers (Dedstrange bandcamp)

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the link to 20.06.2023 playlist has gone off line with a 404 error. Would be great if you’re able to resolve. It’s one of my favourite set lists.


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