Stinky Grooves 13.10.09 .. Red Bin/Blue Daisy

Stinky Grooves 13.10.09 .. Red Bin/Blue Daisy


Recession – John Clarke (Wackies)

Dance Pon De Corner – Clive Field Marshall (Wackies)
Jam Love Dub – Prince Douglas (Wackies)
Fat Bird Dub – Ealzee
Spanish Fly (Noiz In Zion Rmx) – Sabbo (Botanika)
She Told Me – Noble Society ft 77Klash (Lustre Kings)
She Said – Jahdan Blakkamoore ft 77Klash (Gold Dust)
Columbian Drop – Lifeline Crew/Columbia (Lifeline)
Dem Mad – Busy Signal (Lifeline)
Low Di Trees – Tarrus Riley & Aidonia (Russian)
Stinkin Rich (Stefski Rmx) – Gappy Ranks
Black Belt (Sabbo Rmx) – Busy Signal
Hand To Mouth – Assassin (Heart Of Love)
Love Dem – Vybz Kartel (Heart Of Love)
House Cleaning – Mavado (Heart Of Love)
Mirror – Bugle (Heart Of Love)
World Premiere Rhythm – Chimney Crew (Chimney)
Kuff Kumbia – Sabo & Cassady (Bersa Discos)
Gota (El Hijo De la Cumbia Rmx) – Sekreto
Cumbia Frikera – Frikstailers (Soot)
Crank Two – Jonny Trunk (Trunk)
Multiplication – Jonny Trunk (Trunk)
Dilbar Dilbara – M Ashraf (Finders Keepers)
The Author (Instr) – Flying Lotus (Fat City)
Fall – Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
Direct Action (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Radical Majik (Rotters Golf Club)
Unfaithful – KZA (Libyus)
Bicycle (Horrors Rmx) – Memory Tapes (Rough Trade)
New Crossbow – Fuck Buttons (ATP)
Analyse – Subeena (Planet Mu)
Plimsoul – Fantastic Mr Fox & Richie Reason (Hemlock)
Seamonkey (Untold Rmx) – Moderat (Bpitch Control)
(No More) Negative Thoughts – Shackleton (Perlon)
Twistclip Loop – Hudson Mohawke (Warp)
Fruit Touch – Hudson Mohawke (Warp)
Volcano (Four Tet Rmx Instr) – Anti-Pop Consortium (Big Dada)
Himmelblau – Riechmann (Bureau B)
Contact – Wooden Shjips (Holy Mountain)
(I Know A Girl Called) Jonny – Rowland S. Howard (Passport)
Eat My Beat – Air (Virgin)
March Down Babylon – Prince Douglas (Wackies)
Pretender – Matumbi (Harvest)
Cottage In Negril Dub – Tyron Taylor (Love & Unity)
This week’s burnt offering to you dear reader, is somewhat of a mystery package. Released in July on Black Acre, Blue Daisy’s debut 10″ has been growing on me like some supercharged moss in an awfully damp climate. I do remember checking the A-side, which has atmos to spare, but was tarnished a tad (for me), by the female vox of Frenchie chanteliser LaNote. I have little tolerance for un-necessary vocals in general, and wafty female ones especially get my goat, even after excess amounts of promiscuous processing. However, I’ve been so knocked out by the flip ‘Fall’ that I fear I may have to retrace my steps and re-investigate. There’s a possibility I may be berating myself over not picking it up back then, but like I say certain foibles aint to be messed with, and filtering through a certifiably foolish tunes a week, let alone sifting a similar amount of 30 second streamed snippets which offer less of a taste, more of a whiff… well.. some gems are going to slip through the cracks.
This is undoubtedly a total gem. The Camden beat distresser was originally cottoned onto by the venerable Mary Anne Hobbs, and subsequently slid into the Black Acre empire. He has a myspace, twatter account, a blurry photograph …and not much else. So for biographical brouhaha seek elsewhere. For a tune that will sink it’s hooks into you and gently blow your mind in a couple of plays (3 or 4 max) … you’re in the right place. There’s so much of this skippy/wonk/Burial-esque/ermwhatever gear doing the rounds at the minute, but I still can’t escape the feeling of deja vu. It’s scarily similar to the period when all sorts of folks just aped Pole or Prefuse 73’s steez, sucking the palette of sounds and feels dry in no time with little real movement forwards… it’s mildly entertaining, sporadically inspired but ultimately… frustrating. Outside of the big names (and digressing I have to say on a cursory listen the Hudosn Mohawke album is a bit of a belter, better than I expected) there does seem to be an increasing amount of no-names (..yet) springing up with a decidedly unique slant. Hopefully former ‘gnawing on the raw bones of a fistful of innovators and/or poplularisers’ can be swapped out for something more edifying and genuinely progressive, or at least interesting and fucked up.
I’m not a feller for making rash anticipatory predictions (I do that stuff privately and tediously), based on one track and some tinny muhspayce slices, but I suspect Blue Daisy could be a keeper.
Buy the 10″ vinyl piece from Boomkat, or they can assist you with a download.. suits you sir
BlackAcrespace (a few new/other bits and radio rips up there)


Bah! I’m shit at this blogging game, just discovered info pictures and allsorts on Blue Daisy …he’s no mystery. That’s what happens when you decide on the drive home from the show what is going to go up on StinkInc. Which is generally how I … err roll, badly.

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