Stinky Grooves 13.12.16

Stinky Grooves 13.12.16


Delicia – Real Cumbia Activa & Tropikhongo (free from Folcore)
Delicia (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Real Cumbia Activa & Tropikhongo (free from Folcore)
Di no a la Cruda – Nerazos Sound System (free from Cassette)
Minca – Yeahman! (free from Cassette)
La luna y el Lobo (Carrot Green Expedition) – Matanza ∞ Oceanvs Orientalis (bandcamp)
We The Greatest (Sabbo Remix) – Respecta ft.Burro Banton& Mr Slaughter (Golden Delicious Music)
Bash Version – Sarantis (bandcamp)
R6 – Dean Blunt & GAIKA (hackneyvsbrixton)
Fan Ying Dub – JStar (bandcamp)
Xamar (Stomach Club Refix Ruff 03) – Dexter Story (bandcamp)
Autotrak 1 – Chateau Flight (Versatile)
Tunnel Snakes (Red Axes & Naduve Remix) – Last Waltz (Me Me Me)
La luna y el Lobo (History of Colour Expedition) – Matanza ∞ Oceanvs Orientalis (bandcamp)
Dummy Track – Why Be, Elysia Crampton, & Chino Amobi (Break World)
Going Somewhere (Dva Hi:Emotions Remix) – Jessy Lanza (Hyperdub)
Veggie Wondem Combo (Ras G Afrikan Space Program Remix) – (bandcamp)
Love Is Moving – Maker (Now Again)
Plains – Capitol K (bandcamp)
Budget Dancehall (Original Mix) – Elite Beat (Boomarm Nation)
Lucas Valley Dr. – Praus (Leng)
High Orbit – The Karminsky Experience Inc. (bandcamp)
Steady Creep – ghostwerk (bandcamp)
Hubris Part 1 – Oren Ambarchi (Editions Mego)
Watch The World from a Plane – Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
What We Tellin’ Them – Praus (Leng)
Klint (Multi Culti Pitched Down Dub) – Kasper Bjorke (HFN)
Promised Land – Willrijk (Lobster Theremin)
Chinese Fountain (Al Lover Remix) – The Growlers (bandcamp)
River Card – Atlas Sound (4AD)
NEUicide! – Al Lover (bandcamp)
Zombie (Al Lover Remix) The Coathangers (bandcamp)
Atlander – Luke Vibert (bandcamp)
Burnin Your Boa – DJ Taye (Hyperdub)
Bang With the Funk – RP Boo (bandcamp)
Dub Boy Stepping – Jstar (bandcamp)
Horns Of Paradise – Trammy (Dub Store)
You Really Got Me – Rico (Island)
Trade Mark – Jackie Mittoo (Jakki)
(Ranger Guard) Continuation – Jackie Mittoo (Jakki)

After a pleasantly flustersome week of DJing, writing & ting last week it’s considerably more sedate this time round with just a set at the Balcony on Friday 5.30 to 6.30. I’ll be preceding/supporting poet Courtney Sina Meredith who is about as keen on them words as I am on my tunes…choice. This will be my 4th monthly engagement at the Balcony and it’s been a right delight so if you’re around town, loafing in Aotea Square, doing the Queen Street hipslip or the Mayoral Drive mazurka do pop by.
As mentioned tonight Stinky Grooves will be taking a break on 27.12.16 and 03.01.17, so next week will be the last show of the year……

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