Stinky Grooves 15.05.18

Stinky Grooves 15.05.18

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Steppers Rock – Aston “Family Man” Barrett & The Wailers Band (Dub Store)
Reggae Explosion – Papa Tullo (VP)
Denial – Roots Radics (VP)
Base – Roots Radics (VP)
One Step at a Time (Instrumental) – Escape Roots (Nice Up!)
Miniyamba (Lagartijeando Remix) – Yeahman ft. Mina & Hajna (Shika Shaka bandcamp)
En el tropico – Thub (Folcore)
Segunda Molienda – Malphino (Lex Records bandcamp)
Ototoa – Malphino (Lex Records bandcamp)
Camino de manglar – Thub (Folcore)
Seu Maia (DJ Nirso Remix) – Coco Raizes de Arcoverde (soundcloud)
Cumbia Lenta – Frikstailers (soundcloud)
Bongos & Tambourines (Simple Symmetry Remix) – Autarkic (Disco Halal)
Gibberish Love Song (Red Axes Remix) – Autarkic (Disco Halal)
Autointoxication – Shop-Soiled (Shop-Soiled bandcamp)
Shop-Soiled – Shop-Soiled (Shop-Soiled bandcamp)
What’s Wrong With Doing Dexys – The Casual Sexists (The Casual Sexists bandcamp)
808 Mod Cutz – Buttechno (Zodiac 44)
Calypso Take Away 13 – Roe Deers (soundcloud)
Afro Sirene – Hardway Bros (Throne Of Blood)
It Takes Two (tecwaa Remix) – Roe Deers, Tecwaa (Sulk Magic)
Distortion (New Beat Mix) – Capablanca, La Mverte (Le Temps Perdu)
Machete – Balam (Playground bandcamp)
Bizim Dostlar (Bamya Remix) – Erkin Koray (soundcloud)
Christopher’s Birthday – Kody Nielson (Kody Neilson bandcamp)
Nik V – Tim Burgess (O Genesis)
Bloodflow (sir Was Remix) – Grandbrothers (City Slang bandcamp)
The Mulberry Files – Funki Porcini (Funki Porcini bandcamp)
Sleep – SMX (Whities bandcamp)
Positions Half Speed – Rouge Mecanique (soundcloud)
Bloodflow (Brainwaltzera Catastrophic Blood Loss Edit) – Grandbrothers (City Slang bandcamp)
Frida’s Birthday – Kody Nielson (Kody Neilson bandcamp)
Dreaming – Say Sue Me (Damnably bandcamp)
Solenzara – Sir Richard Bishop (Drag City bandcamp)
Nativity – Elysia Crampton (Break World bandcamp)
Tribal Dose – DoseZero (Dekmantel bandcamp)

Friday… well you can probably guess, Love Bucket will be my locale from 7. ON Saturday Dub and myself are summoning up our monthly reggaematical rave up at Hallertau Brewery, Restaurant & Malarky out in Riverheadm, best book if you’re keen on that, it busy.

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