Stinky Grooves 15.12.20

Stinky Grooves 15.12.20


Kontraband 2 – Kabaka Pyramid + Damian Marley (Federation Sound)
Yantlet (First Passage Version) – Junior Loves (5 Gate Temple bandcamp)
Grain – Junior Loves (5 Gate Temple bandcamp)
UV DUB – The Prince Stoner (Mystery Booms bandcamp)
Copasavana in Dub – Kutiman (Kutiman bandcamp
Grito Socorro – Ultima Esuna (Ultima Esuna bandcamp)
SHOOTER LEDO – kelman duran (YUKKY bandcamp)
Mega Mix 100 – CHICO SONIDO (CHICO SONIDO bandcamp)
The Sound of the Future – CHICO SONIDO
Laurel – Ultima Esuna (Ultima Esuna bandcamp)
Cowbell Sad 707 – Satánico Dr Trvza (Caballito Netlabel bandcamp)
Caverniqua – Real Cumbia Activa (Real Cumbia Activa bandcamp)
Entrada Espectral – Frente Cumbiero (Biche bandcamp)
Sailing Ships (Hardway Brothers meet Monkton Uptown Version) – Perry Granville (Higher Love)
Haf Haf – Hybrid (Mosca’s Hammer Edit) – Gang of Ducks (Gang of Ducks bandcamp)
Patterning – Lurka (Lava Lava bandcamp)
For Your Consideration (Gym Mix) – Henzo (Worldwide Unlimited bandcamp)
anti gravity room – painspeople (painspeople bandcamp)
I Don’t Wanna Go To Work Today – Sophie Du Palais (Italo Moderni bandcamp)
Babylonian Beaches (Rude Audio Remix) – MSOM (The Fearless few Collective bandcamp)
Every Star Has Its Own Story – Yu Su (Eating Music bandcamp)
Pooks Road – Brown Boy Magik (Brown Boy Magik bandcamp)
Touch – Brown Boy Magik ft Coco Solid (Brown Boy Magik bandcamp)
Lick in Heaven (Proc Fiskal Whittaedae Remix) – Jessy Lanza (Hyperdub bandcamp)
Don’t Shoot – LongDistanceDan (Dusted Industries bandcamp)
Nyx (KRSLD Remix) – JV & Palf (Panel bandcamp)
Jackpot – SUDS (Lava Lava bandcamp)
Cows – Gooooose (SVBKLT bandcamp)
This Is Not A Coded Message – Mosca (Rent bandcamp)
Sendero del Monte (Ground Remix) – Mateo Kingman (AYA bandcamp)
J’irais dormir chez Mouss – Warzou (Mystery Booms bandcamp)
POI.NTS The – Prince Stoner (Mystery Booms bandcamp)
Papa Bull – Stinky Jim (Stinky Jim bandcamp)
Lost in Dub – Kutiman (Kutiman bandcamp)
Ride – EQ WHY (Nyege Nyege Tapes bandcamp)
Crawlspace – Slow Hand (JBW bandcamp)
Stupa – Nightports (The Leaf Label bandcamp)
Prototype Two – Colossio & Michael Fortvne (La Volta Ros bandcamp)
Merry Mithrasmas – Andrew Weatherall (Picnic bandcamp)

On Saturday Dub & myself will be giving it 6 hours of the reggaematical tackle at Neo, 1st Floor, Queens Arcade 1-7. It’s a good joint, played there just before lockdown, quality drinks, vibes & food. Sunday I’m on the ferry to Waiheke to play at the Pinter Bar, 4-8 – first time for that and have a feeling it’s going to be a fun one. Flyer below.


Your little interjection regarding tradies listening to repeat show on the way to work irked me to comment !
yup , you dont need to wear a paisley shirt and sport a ‘goatie’ to appreciate alt music. been at it since late seventies
and havent got stuck in a time warp ( no offence if thats your ting )Have podcasted your show for years , please , keep up the great work you do.
We appreciate it . G.W.K

Hey Glenn, thanks for your comment man, I think it’s my favourite response of the year. All points taken but I certainly wasn’t meaning to besmirch the tune toting tradies merely wondering what effect some of that late show weirdness might have on subsequent work. Stinky Grooves is a broad church and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hope you’re having a good festive fandangle, I appreciate your ears and vibes. Jim

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