Stinky Grooves 16.05.23

Stinky Grooves 16.05.23

Blow of the Desert – Frequencies of Dub + Andre Welt (Frequencies Of Dub bandcamp)
Ring out Dub (John John Mix) – Elijah Salomon x John John (Salomon Dub bandcamp)
picking tea leaves & chasing butterflies – The Orb (Cooking Vinyl bandcamp)
My Selecta – Reggae Roast + Gappy Ranks (Reggae Roast bandcamp)
My Selecta) VERSION – Reggae Roast (Reggae Roast bandcamp)
The Hidden Agent – Blend Mishkin (Blend Mishkin bandcamp)
White Horses Dub – Antigua Boom Bass (Antigua Boom Bass)
Saeta – Holy Tongue (Amidah bandcamp)
Desert Call – Kaval (Ruff Kaval bandcamp)
André Breton is my roomie – Lascivio Bohemia (Cosmovision bandcamp)
Wax Riddim (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Lukrø (Caballito Netlabel bandcamp)
Niu Riddim (Shushupe Remix) – Lukrø (Caballito Netlabel bandcamp)
ER 5 – oma totem (Hivern Discs bandcamp)
Bosca Bosca (Bag Of Bones) – Talaboman (The Night Land bandcamp)
Tarp Raudonų Šviesų (Bawrut Remix) – Roe Deers (Good Skills bandcamp)
1991 – Raymond Castoldi (Kalahari Oyster Cult bandcamp)
Fragments 1A (Stereo Master Tape Transfer) – Galt Macdermot (Now Again bandcamp)
Sweet Spot (Rude Audio Remix) – Dave Sibbo (?)
5 Seconds Ago (Coldcut Just Say No Remix Instrumental) – Felix Laband (Compost bandcamp)
We Two (yanob1) – Woodleigh Research Facility (Woodleigh Research Facility bandcamp)
PIZZICA SISRI (Ehua Remix) – Agostino (Le Chatroom bandcamp)
We Know Major Tom’s A Junkie (Frivolous Remix) – Felix Laband (Compost bandcamp)
The Hurdy-Gurdy Song (Mothers of the New Stone Age remix) – Local Psycho and The Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra (Heavenly Recordings)
Kiralık Aşk – Anadol (Pingipung bandcamp)
Arles – Tin Man (Bureau B bandcamp)
Surgeon – TL Stamp (TL Stamp bandcamp)
Mar Vista – DJ Danifox (Principe Discos bandcamp)
Beautiful Defeat – Saint Mercury (Strange Behaviour bandcamp)
Joyride – Saint Mercury (Strange Behaviour bandcamp)
Queen Elizabeth – SQÜRL (Sacred Bones bandcamp)
Extra Redundant – Rezzett (The Trilogy Tapes bandcamp)
Plate – Mammo (Mammo bandcamp)
Crow – Will Hofbauer (Wisdom Teeth bandcamp)
Sodium Haze – Richard Norris (Richard Norris bandcamp)
SWISS – Shit and Shine (Shit and Shine bandcamp)

Hallertau this Sunday with Dub, 12.30 -4.30, you know the drill.

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Bouy , what a stunning debut from Saint Mercury. Released during NZ music month , how fitting. Nice.

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