Stinky Grooves 16.12.14

Stinky Grooves 16.12.14

Jah Show Them The Way (Extended Version) – Dillinger (UMC)
Plantation heights – Dillinger (UMC)
Words – Sangie Davis & Lee Perry (Trojan)
Kilburn Road – Ranking Dread (Hot Milk)
Bond Street Express – Yossi Fine & Jonathan Korty & Eric Levy & Inx Herman (Avila Street Records)
Zim Zim – The Bug ft Burro Banton (Ninja Tune)
Swarm – The Bug (Ninja Tune)
Cold – The Bug vs Earth (Ninja Tune)
Sueño Mejor – Federico Estévez (Regional soundcloud)
Huerta Grande – Federico Estévez (Regional soundcloud)
Yolanda (El Búho Remix) – Emir Buscon (soundcloud)
Cumbiaruss (Kinky Electric Noise Remix) – Dialect Trio (soundcloud)
Stalka – Lil Jabba (Local Action)
Lacking Give A Damn… – Ras G (Leaving Records)
I dont wanna b judged – Hot Sugar (free)
Trapper Keeper – Hot Sugar feat. Baghdaddy (free)
Prismatic (Etch Revision) – Etch (Space + Time Records)
Dusty – Lil Jabba (Local Action)
Requiem to Saving a girl’s life – Hot Sugar (free)
Chemotaxis – (Space + Time Records)
Stabs Of Regret (FaltyDL Remix) – Luke Vibert (Hypercolour)
DBC – Afrikan Sciences (PAN)
Tanned Skin Dress – Xander Harris (Not Not Fun)
Rise – Glass Candy (soundcloud)
Statues PF – Hashman Deejay (Future Times)
Pina Colada Jellybean – Hot Sugar (free)
Party Legs – Cave (Drag City)
Dollar Dar – Rangers (Not Not Fun)
Songs Of Pressure (The Asphodells Remix) – Richard Sen (Emotional)
Anatomy of a Synthesizer – Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Social Music – QV (Phonica White)
Chord Invasions – Plastiktanz (Finders Keepers)
Insekten – Eisenhaeur (Finders Keepers)
Sense Of Purpose – The Pop Group (Freaks R Us)
Colour Blind – The Pop Group (Freaks R Us)
Das Bild – X² (Finders Keepers)
Perfume Headache – Rangers (Not Not Fun)
Emerge From Smoke – Shlohmo (True Panther)
HMP Shaun William Ryder – Mogwai (Rock City)
Fly Soup – Mr Mitch (Planet Mu)

Ahoy there … Couple of bits of biz before you move onto the digitally liberated tracks below you greedy scamps you… Up above at the top of the post is the new SJD video for I Wanna Be Foolish, it’s made by Greg Page and he’s hit it out of the blooming park, please do take a gander and feel free to repost, share, embed, tell a friend or whatever..Trevor.

Also below this post is the first of ye olde Stinkmixes to be posted to Mixcloud in an awfully long time. It’s a bit of a pearler if I say so myself and dates from around 10 years ago. Please do give it a little lughole love, it won’t let you down and if you’re feeling particularly festive and giving follow me on Mixcloud and who knows what might happen.

Penultimately my gregarious good amigo Geezer Guy and myself will be playing tunes at Golden Dawn tomorrow night from 7pm – 12. Always a giggle when when these two ex-pat bad hats mingle it up on the digital decks, don’t be a stranger.
As ever Magic Roundabout on Friday, I’m not sure if we’ll be doing one on Boxing Day, I suspect not. Will keep you all posted on the haps with that but probably best to assume last for the year, miss out and cry lakes of tears like a snivelling shit….

Stinky Grooves will be on next week, and the following but will be taking a break on the 6th of January for just 1 week….aaaa-ite or aaaa-something.


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