Stinky Grooves 17.10.17

Stinky Grooves 17.10.17

Gu-ellTunn-ell lofi

UVB roots and destruction (excerpt) – John T. Gast (Free from bus)
Still Sound Boy Test (Interlude) – Still (PAN bandcamp)
Lost Africans – Rorystonelove feat. Samory I (Rorystonelove)
Bushmaster – Brentford Rockers (Soul Jazz)
Tiempo De Vida (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Sr. Lufthansa (Hawaii Bonsai bandcamp)
Palenque de los Congo – Los Guayabera Suica (Renacer Records bandcamp)
Gold Fish – Poupa Honk (Folcore bandcamp)
Cuando Todo Se Nos Venga Encima (SidiRum Remix) – Juan Pino & Quemando Palabras (Sello Regional bandcamp)
El Terror – Sonido Profundos (Renacer Records bandcamp)
Edda’s Cumbia – Acid Pauli (Acid Pauli bandcamp)
Tiempo De Vida (Rashid From Lima Remix) – Sr. Lufthansa (Hawaii Bonsai bandcamp)
Vego Gam – Red Axes (Life And Death bandcamp)
Soudani (Desert Dream) – Immaculate Rivombo (Invisbibe Inc bandcamp)
Cock of the North – Smagghe & Cross (Offen Music bandcamp)
MPH – Joe (Joemakemusic bandcamp)
Trespass – Group Rhoda (Group Rhoda bandcamp)
El Condor y la brasa – Acid Pauli (Acid Pauli bandcamp)
Evidence The Enemy – Andrew Weatherall (Höga Nord)
Spreads a Haze (And a Glory) – Andrew Weatherall (Höga Nord)
Soudani (Drum Dance) – Immaculate Rivombo (Invisbibe Inc bandcamp)
Black Magic (Pilooski Remix) – Kasper Bjørke & Colder (Throne Of Blood bandcamp)
Black Magic (The Golden Filter Remix)- Kasper Bjørke & Colder (Throne Of Blood bandcamp)
Istanbul Is Sleepy – The Limiñanas ft Anton Newcombe (Because Music)
The Punk Was in Me (And It Had Come Out) – Wild Billy Childish & CTMF (Damaged Goods)
Murderous Weight – FRET (Karlrecords bandcamp)
Verlagerung, Verlagerung, Verlagerung – Uuuu (Editions Mego bandcamp)
Emergency Blimp – King Krule (XL)
What Can I Do – Samiyam ft Jonwayne (Samiyam bandcamp)
DancEntes – ParceGaD (ParceGad bandcamp)
Zeltan – Acid Pauli (Acid Pauli bandcamp)
Roast Ghost (Ultra Lavender Mix) – CS + Kreme (Wichelroede)
I Am Consumed – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith bandcamp)
Carillion – Smagghe & Cross (Offen Music bandcamp)
Compliment to Studio One – Papa Michigan and General Smilie (Soul Jazz)
Schooling the Duke – Don Drummond & His Green Landers (Soul Jazz)

Precorderation across the nation and as a result the Mixcloud podcast and only that one is ad free. Dubhead will be filling in for me on Friday at Love Bucket, Josh On Decks on Saturday. What more can I say?

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