Stinky Grooves 17.11.09 avec I Monster.. no, I really do

Stinky Grooves 17.11.09 avec I Monster.. no, I really do


Record Shop – Pablo (Soma)
Ene Alantchie Alantchie Ainoren – Mulatu Astatke (Strut)
Asiyo Belema feat Frank Holder – Mulatu Astatke (Strut)
Uptight – The Silvertones (Soundway)
Bilongo – Papi Brandao Y Sus Ejectuyivos (Soundway)
Cumbia De Colombia – Pedro Jairo Garces y Su Guitar (Discos Fuentes)
You Never Knew – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Unfair – Peetah Morgan ft Busy Signal (No Doubt)
Who Dat – Richie Spice (No Doubt)
Welcome – Nitty Kutchie (No Doubt)
Lucky Man – Courtney John (Peckings)
You’re Gonna Need Me – Jovi Rockwell (Psycho Therapy Mixtape)
Rizzla – Jovi Rockwell (Psycho Therapy Mixtape)
Run Red – Flow Dan ft Brazen (Eskibeat)
Guest House – Ghostface Killah feat Fabolous (Def Jam)
Mixing Up The Medicine – Juelz Santana
4th Time Around (Messengers Rmx) – J.Period & K’naan
Tapando El Sol Con Un Dedo – Chico Sonido (Kin Kon)
Bluez – Peverlist (Punch Drunk)
Reminder – Sully (Frijso Beats)
The Loot (Sully Rmx) – J-treole (Blackdown)
Stop What You’re Doing – Untold (Hemlock)
Never Went Away – Untold (Hemlock)
The Plague Village – I Monster/Skywatchers (Platipus)
Sunflower (Eero Johannes Rmx) – Reason Or Romanza (Black Acre)
Au Printemps -John Baker (Trunk)
Stay On Grey – Bernard Fevre(Lo Recordings)
Boomeran – Rune Lindbaek presents Kanakas (Lunaflicks)
The Outer Skin – Sean Donnelley
Make Me Stronger (Instrumental) – Bei Bei & Shawn Lee (Ubiquity)
The Grinder – The Slew (Ninja Tune)
JB Dubs – John Baker (Trunk)
Hands Of Love (Harveys Downstairs Mix)- Rocha (International Feel)
Crosby – Rune Lindbaek presents Kanakas (Lunaflicks)
Bootie Beat – Shawn Lee And Clutchy Hopkins (Ubiquity)
People Rhythm – Manasseh (Roots Garden)
Gold Love Rhythm – Tapes (Jahtari)
IMF – Terry Lynn (Phree Music)
Magadishu Night Life – Ghosts On Tape (Wireblock)
O Dela – Kidid
El Guacho – El Remolon (Pueblo Nuevo)
Cumbia Frikera – Frikstailers (Soot)
La Cumbia Del Moonra – Moonrra y su Batallon (Crammed)
Detroit Falls – Pariah (R&S)
Speed Check – Pablo (Soma)
East – Bei Bei & Shawn Lee (Ubiquity)
Speed Check – Pablo (Soma)
Stress On Pluton – Bernard Fevre (Lo Recordings)

A tad fatigued right nowest and a shade under the weather so please excuse the relative brevity, scanty info and whatnot. The good news is, Part 2 of the Mulatu interview went down this morning and when I have the audio and time to transcribe it, here is where it shall be. I’ve got mass writing and plenty other kerffuffle up the ying yang right now, so I’m aiming for around next Tuesday, however that could mean February 2010 (and how futuristic does twentyten sound? very in my book).
Presented for your limited-time delectation at a modest 192 krillobites-per-nostril is a slice of newness from I Monster/Skywatchers on Platipus (not the trance label I’m sure, by the way is there anything less genuinely psychedelic than psi-trance?)
Is it something they put in the water in Sheffield? Is it something they don’t put in the water?… Who knows, but it truly does box above its weight musically. Have loved bits and pieces of I Monster malarkey for an awful long time, alongside their interlinked bread run All Seeing I and other related rascals from the city of Seven Hills and very little bullshit. So when I clapped my peepers on the ‘Art Of Chill’ EP (which sounds like something Kirk and I would have played on Tranquillity Bass in 1996) while pounding my web-wallet into oblivion at Juno Downloads last night, well I had to have it. In the course of writing this and sorting links etc I’ve discovered these are all taken from a rather exquisite looking comp of the same name, wish I’d have sussed that 24 hours ago!
To business… there’s a proper shaggy haired mellow psych vocal number (‘Soul Baptist’), an Air-esque (in a thoroughly good, drawing from similar stinkfluences, kind of way), a vocodourised Flaming Stainless Lips kind of deal (‘A New Robot’), a scary and possibly brilliant Speak’n’Spell cover of Tina Turner’s cringe-inducing ‘The Best’ (all bets are off on that one) and this gem.
Skywatchers album early 2010 they say, watch the ….. err skies.
Buy the four hi-quality files of delight, the full comp is here
Find out more, or just get more confused at I Monster web portalizer



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