Stinky Grooves 17.12.13

Stinky Grooves 17.12.13

TROUND NYE web final
Greedy Babylon – Jesse Royal (soundcloud)
Roll Like Lion – Josie Wales & Richie Phoe (Roots Garden)
Mr Officer – Sensation & Bobby Hustle (Dynasty)
Give Me The Highest – Delly Ranx (Dynasty)
Sumn Deh – Konshens (Head Concussion)
Well Prepared – Busy Signal (Turf Music)
Gizmo Riddim – Naram (Jahtari)
Party Anthem Xmas – Elephant Man & Busy Signal (Markus Records)
To Mi Face – Chan Dizzy (Head Concussion)
Real Bad Gyal – Dizz 1 feat. Warrior Queen (Tru Thoughts)
Lazerdub – ? (?)
Porros & Dembows – Mr Jags (free)
Cumbia Galactica – Mr Jags (free)
La Alergia – Los Reyes de la Costa (soundcloud)
Martha Ceciloa – Los Reyes de la Costa (soundcloud)
Nocturno – Barrio Lindo (Cassette)
Adventure Sound – Flying Lotus ft. The Underachievers (Brainfeeder)
In Love With A Woman – SERENGETI (bandcamp)
Find My Piece – SERENGETI (bandcamp)
Got A Pill For That – Pugs Atomz  feat. Jazz Bailey & Tensei (Tokyo Dawn)
Between Villains – Captain Murphy,Viktor Vaugh, Earl Sweatshirt (Brainfeeder)
Nu Bad Man – Jeremiah Jae ft. Tre (Warp)
Crumpet Culture – Moon Wiring Club (Gecophonic)
Conveyor – Akkord (Houndstooth)
The Zoo – Beautiful Swimmers (L.I.E.S.)
Portland – Sparky (Numbers)
Slider – Julien Dyne (Wonderful Noise)
The Diddler – Flying Lotus (Brainfeeder)
an xbox killed my dog – Flying Lotus (Brainfeeder)
Wake Me – Flying Lotus (Brainfeeder)
We Go Ridin – Dizz 1 (Tru Thoughts)
The Wizzard Edit – Pilooski (Versatile)
Berberian Wedding – Acid Arab (Versatile)
Rival Dealer – Burial (Hyperdub)
The Orchard Of Underhill – Moon Wiring Club (Gecophonic)
Lockjaw (Akkord Remix) – Special Request (Houndstooth)
Still Seas (Call Super’s Fraud Loop) – Second Storey (Houndstooth)
The Two Halves – Prayer (Cult Music)
Playfights – Forever Forever (Cult Music)
I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night – The Space Lady (Night Choir)
Shakin’ All Over – The Space Lady (Night Choir)
Eco – Chancha Via Circuito (Cassette)
Aboard The Peruvian Space Station (Stinky Jim Remix) – Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars)

Season’s vest to one and all, and that will be it for Stinky Grooves for this year. Next week I’ll be loafing, week after it’s the Turnaround New Year up at Leigh and there will be some specialness being cooked up for that set for sure. Verona continues on through this Friday, next and the week after that (no Magic Roundabout on the 10th of Jan btw) … do come along. Even though there’s no Stinky Grooves I hope to be getting the chance to do a non-playlist post or two – we’ll see how that goes but do feel free to check in amidst the vacationeering and general good times. Back on the 7th for the show, have yourselves a great time in the meantime…


whoa. that seregenti business! boom. and the time and space machine. mind’s still half-way better here and there some weeks later. thanks jim. hav

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