Stinky Grooves 18.06.13

Stinky Grooves 18.06.13

Bring Me Weed – Sherwood & Pinch (On-U Sound)
Dread – King Tubby x Masicka x Equiknoxx (free)
Like Weed – King Tubby x Masicka x Equiknoxx (free)
Natty – King Tubby x Masicka x Equiknoxx (free)
Deadly Second – King Tubby x Masicka x Equiknoxx (free)
My Mother – Chronixx & Boom Steppa & Delly Ranx (Kemistry)
Dancehall Original – Gappy Ranks (Bassrunner Music)
Yuh Body Good – Red Fox (Bassrunner Music)
Bashment Party Version – FWI Music (FWI Music)
Opción Quintana – Mr Jags (soundcloud)
Cumbia para Elizabeth – Tibilin Sound (soundcloud)
Chupa Chups (Andres Digital Remix) – Bubbleheads (Caballito)
Homenaje a Justino (Uproot Andy RMX) – Grupo Socavon (Que Bajo)
Chimbumbe (Atropolis Remix)- Son Palenque (Dutty Artz)
Calabongo (Thornato Remix) – Son Palenque (Dutty Artz)
Heimwandern – DJ Delay (Beaming Productions)
The One – Prodigy & Alchemist ft Action Bronson (Infamous)
R.I.P. – Prodigy ft Havoc & Raekwon (Infamous)
Rancid Canvas Links – Strange U (Eglo Records)
When I Fly – Swindle (Deep Medi)
Long Live The Jazz – Swindle (Deep Medi)
It’s Time – Zomby (4AD)
This One – Zomby (4AD)
As Darkness Falls – Zomby (4AD)
Lusaka By Night (LV Remix) – John Wizards (Planet Mu)
Rantanplant – Siriusmo (Monkeytown)
EVIL – Kody Neilson (bandcamp)
Release! – Melt Yourself Down (eOne)
The Most Livable City – Gold Panda (Ghostly International)
I Is – – John Wizards (Planet Mu)
Did You Have to Float On? – Jagwar Ma / The Time and Space Machine (Marathon Artists)
Passing Through – Rare Air (Late Night Tales)
Playing For You – Blludd Relations (bandcamp)
Watch The Ants – Paul White (bandcamp)
Complotto Geometrico (Andrew Weatherall Remix) -Daniele Baldelli/DJ Rocca (Nang)
Seven Stars – James Holden (Border Community)
Secret Circuit’s Shock Blast Remix – Dur-Dur Band (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Petit Cochon – Siriusmo (Monkeytown)
I’m a Cliche Edit Service 18 – Moscoman (soundcloud)
Blackpool Late Eighties – James Holden (Border Community)
Man I Need Dub – Jagwar Ma / The Time and Space Machine (Marathon Artists)

Not much typing because I nearly lopped the end of my finger off earlier so it’s a bit haphazard to say the least.

Verona on Fridays and this will be Dub’s last for 3 weeks so do feel free to scoot along – as ever I’ll be going from 5-9, Dub 9-12, Mr Big Stuff 12 on & on. Verona is on fire right now (not literally obviously) and these Fridays are the biz…would love to see you……………

Sunday Selections at Tyler Street Garage rolls on with Selecto joining me for a spin this week. Last time we did this together it ruled, I see no reason to believe this wont be more of the same. I’ll be varming it up from 3 with Steve most likely joining me from around 5ish for some righteously relaxed 3 for 3s & ting. Keep it peeled here for the guts on the other guests who’ll be joining me while Dubhead is vacationeering.

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