Stinky Grooves 18.09.18

Stinky Grooves 18.09.18

Introduction – Misty In Roots (People Unite)
Man Kind – Misty In Roots (People Unite)
Zapatta – Misty In Roots (People Unite)
I Man A Rasta (7″ mix) – Freddie McGregor (Studio One)
Words – Phillip Fullwood (Pressure Sounds bandcamp)
Niwaya – lll – O.R. (Tropical Twista bandcamp)
Dileke – Dengue Dengue Dengue (On The Corner bandcamp)
Trompe Mestizo (Danza Perfume Remix) – Murúa (Sello Regional bandcamp)
Eye Acucho – Dengue Dengue Dengue (On The Corner bandcamp)
Marraskuu – General Ludd (Rubadub)
Untitled (Luca Lozano Retouch) – Luca Lozano + Dj Fett Burger (Klasse Wrecks bandcamp)
Matterplay – Vakula (Apollo bandcamp)
You Were Very High – Shit & Shine (Diagonal)
Fearless Dub – Jay Glass Dubs (Ecstatic Recordings bandcamp)
Restraint – General Ludd (Rubadub)
Land of the Insane – Toma Kami (Livity Sound bandcamp)
Heat Mover – Lurka (Timedance bandcamp)
Who Goes There – The Field (Kompakt)
Neverevernever – Thomas Fehlmann (Kompakt)
Boat Trip – Heiko Maile (Bureau B bandcamp)
Figure This Shit Out – Shit & Shine (Diagonal)
Wonder – Factory Floor (H/O/D)
Tempelhof feat. Max Loderbauer – Thomas Fehlmann & Max Loderbauer (Kompakt)
Monster VIP – The Maghreban (R&S bandcamp)
Voices Of One – Hallelujah Picassos (Hallelujah Picassos bandcamp)
Respect the Labourers – Princess Chelsea (Lil’ Chief bandcamp)
Con Conn Was Impatient – Connan Mockasin (Mexican Summer)
Bassackwards – Kurt Vile (Matador)
Chevalier – The Holydrug Couple (Sacred Bones bandcamp)
Vex Riddim – G36 (Pressure)
Pax Britannica – Giant Swan (Whities bandcamp)
Battery – Lurka (Timedance bandcamp)

After the phlegmatique episode of the last week should be all go for a full length Love Bucketery on Friday night from 7 and ye olde monthlee with Dubhead at Hallertau on Sunday arvo 12.30 – 4.30, as ever wise to book if you’re serious about coming on Sunday as thems rammered generally (as is LB).


Can you put this mix up on the BFM Bcast page… isnt there and my podcast app cant find this one which is briliant !! cheers

Hi Dan
Thanks for the mail and vibes. I’m not sure why that isn’t up as I did upload it. I will check with bFM if it can be recovered, if not then all I can suggest is the mixcloud (which is better quality anyways). I’ll keep you posted, thanks for the heads up.

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