Stinky Grooves 19.01.16

Stinky Grooves 19.01.16

ferry posterized

The Battle – Octaves (Muzik City)
Pirates – Rapper Robert & Jim Brown (Coxsone)
Pirates Version – Sound Dimension (Coxsone)
West Gone Black – Jah Jesco (Studio One)
West Black Version – Sound Dimension (Studio One)
Now The Gate Fly – Lone Ranger (Studio One)
Gate Fly Version – (Studio One)
West Of The Sun – Jackie Mittoo (Studio One)
Root and Herb Version – Field Marshall Haye (Studio One)
Rastafari Tell You – Judah Eskender Tafari (Studio One)
Down Pressor International – Stingers (Studio One)
Down Pressor Version – Sound Dimension (Studio One)
Ethiopian Peace Song – Al Tascith Joe (Studio One)
Rasta Peace Song – Brentford All Stars (Studio One)
Iwhazzessezi- Ironciccles (Studio One)
Brimstone & Lightning – Kalbata (ZamZam)
Brimstone & Lightning Dub – Kalbata (ZamZam)
Barrancore (TropiKhongo Remix) – Tribilin Sound (soundcloud)
Mama Motelo – Bareto (Polen)
La Cumbia Ninja (Tropikore Sensei Remix) – Freak Castro (soundcloud)
Be Inspired – Raekwon & Kabaka Pyramid (Walshy Fire)
Worship – LEVELZ (bandcamp)
Dickhead – LEVELZ (bandcamp)
Meditation – Babyfather ft Arca (Hyperdub)
Sike Ya Life – Ras G (Leaving)
Peace Me Babi Dub – Ccolo (Multi Culti)
Occult Peregrination (Front De Cadeaux Remix) – Freudenthal (Nein)
Drums of Taksim – Khidja (Love On The Rocks)
Tripolitania – Skeppet (Not Not Fun)
I Go Blank – The Casual Sexists (Rongorongo)
Untitled 1985 – MUSLIMGAUZE (Optimo)
Pesadilla Eléctrica – M.A.D. (Light Sounds Dark)
Stud Music – Eric Copeland (L.I.E.S)
Ma Shiva (Instrumental) – Clarian (soundcloud)
DETAILS DETAILS – Coyote Clean Up (soundcloud)
Baikal Acid – Khotin (1080p)
My Etherealrealness – Timothy J. Fairplay (Charlois)
Talking Judgement Day Blues – Alain Maclean (Moine Dubh)
Hardroad – Dani Cali (Moine Dubh)
Pulsing River Velvet Phase – Cavern Of Anti-Matter (Ghost Box)
Foliaderei – Thomash (soundcloud)

Usual usuals Magic Roundabout & Sunday Shuffle and good gosh how was that young Kate Tempest at the KA on Friday, inspired and inspiring…a privilege to be a small part of
a gig like that…

Stinky Grooves 19.01.16 – Lofi, mono, still standing…. by Stinkygrooves on Mixcloud

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