Stinky Grooves 19.06.12

Stinky Grooves 19.06.12

Macondo – Cumbia Cosmonauts (Chusma)
Amor – Cumbia Cosmonauts (Chusma)
Troposphere 5000 (Cero 39 Rmx)  – Cumbia Cosmonauts (Chusma)
Medicina Mapuche   – Bigote (free from Konn)
La Escoba – Pa Kongal (soundcloud)
Nueva Temporada – El eSmik
Guacho Dub – Sonora Irreal (soundcloud)
Archipielago (Altz Remix) – Randy Salazar (soundcloud)
Solo Tengo Ojos Para Ti (Albert Dj Style) – Lisandro Meza (soundcloud)
Bailadores (El Timbe Remix) – Los Amaya (soundcloud)
Achilipú aka Aghipilu (El Timbe Remix) – Los Amaya (soundcloud)
Seville – Pickster One (soundcloud)
Altar A La Virgen – Frikstailers (RDISP comp)
Cobra Commander – Open Mike Eagle ft Danny Brown (soundcloud)
Utilitarian Uses Of Love – Busdriver (free at Fake Four Inc)
Anywhere But Here – Killer Mike ft Emily Panic (Williams Street Records)
Rorschach- Open Mike Eagle (free at Fake Four Inc)
Coyoacan Kraken (Pequeno Tributo a Gezumo)  – Ian Lampel feat DJ PVS1 (RDISP comp)
C66 Jam – Om Unit (Bleep soundcloud)
Snow Covered Love – Samantha Glass (Not Not Fun)
Now End The Beginning – Belburry Poly (Ghost Box)
Came To Party (Suzanne Kraft Rmx) – Tomas Barfod (Friends Of Friends)
Inhale – Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury (Invada)
Millionenspiel – Can (Mute)
Messer, Scissors, Fork and Light – Can (Mute)
Öga Näsa Mun – Dungen (Third Man)
Jupiter’s Jam – Shawn Lee (Ubiquity)
SOID (El Buho Rmx) – Gulls (Boomarm Nation)
Midnight (In The Valley Of The Shadows) – Peaking Lights (Weird World)
Nowhere Is Home – Dexys (BMG)
Bossa Nova Seela – Shawn Lee (Ubiquity)
The Day You Were Born – Daughn Gibson (White Denim)
Dandelions  – Daughn Gibson (White Denim)
Track 4 – 1389 (bandcamp)
Parthenon – PLVS VLTRA (Spectral Spools)
Find Jah Way (Dubplate Mix) – Gorgon Sound (Peng)
Very Well I’m Leaving – Alpha Stepper (soundcloud)
Rapinbolada (Dr. Das Remix) – Maga Bo (bandcamp)
Dog Sweater – Bandshell (Hessle Audio)
Timbuck (Horrors Rmx) – Maestro (Tigersushi)
Polysick – Preda (Planet Mu)
Waltz In Orbit – Ray Cathode (Parlophone)
Finish Line – Siinai (Splendour)

Shall be playing at Golden Dawn – Tavern Of Power this Thursday the 21st from 8 till around 1ish. Last time I played there it was a right proper ball, this time we bring the angles…would be great to see you there…sheriously.  Eeeeeeeek amend that blog – apparently I’m starting at 7…even better, more time, more tunes, more fine ales….huzzah!!!

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Wow, what a fantastic show. So many excellent tracks one after the other. Sorry, probably a bit ott, but just following up now on some I remembered, and it’s blowing my mind all over again!

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