Stinky Grooves 19.09.17

Stinky Grooves 19.09.17

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Catch A Star – Mystica Tribe (Far West Sound)
Bless Dub – Babe Roots Feat. Ixm (Rohs! Records)
Los muertos de siempre – Ciudad Satélite (bandcamp)
Beggars Suite Part 2 – Pecker & Posse (R.O.I.R)
Bibical Dub – Errol Brown (High Note)
Ego Trip – Deltatron (bandcamp)
ZikaZikaZika (Alternate Mix) – Piper Street Sound (bandcamp)
Tarkeada Machada – Lagartijeando (soundcloud)
Kuyayki – Klik & Frik feat. Chancha Via Circuito (Waxploitation)
Lluvia – Klik & Frik feat. Nicola Cruz & Mohand Zohair (Waxploitation)
Abajo – Titanik (bandcamp)
Sonoja y Tambor (Remix) – TropiKhongo (bandcamp)
La Hora Más Oscura – El Búho (bandcamp)
AK47 – Partido de la Costa (bandcamp)
Memoria del Yacuruna – Biomigrant feat. Tomas Salcedo (bandcamp)
Synthetic Jungle – FYI Chris (Banoffee Pies Records )
Hyperespace (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) – Zombie Zombie (bandcamp)
Waves – Tolouse Low Trax (bandcamp)
Defender – Harmonious Thelonious (bandcamp)
Chic Face (Thomass Jackson Remix) – Did Virgo (bandcamp)
Momento Mori – Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Volumes – Minor Science (Whities)
Daydreaming in the Projects – Open Mike Eagle (bandcamp)
lucky – christoph el’ truento (bandcamp)
95 Radios – Open Mike Eagle ft Has-Lo (bandcamp)
finally – christoph el’ truento (bandcamp)
Cumbianchina – Wellam (bandcamp)
WYSIWYG (Dub Version) – K. K. (L.I.E.S.)
Second Trip (Serial Experiments Edit) – Tolouse Low Trax (bandcamp)
Trollkarlen och fågeldräkten (Version 1) – Dungen (Smalltown Supersound)
Peri Banu vid sjön (Version) – Dungen (Smalltown Supersound)
al·lu·vi·al – Piper Street Sound (bandcamp)
Corales – Klik & Frik (Waxploitation)
Caterpillar (Ilya Santana Remix) – Julian Sanza (Astrolead)
Ninos Matadores – K. K. (L.I.E.S.)
Blech – Harmonious Thelonious (bandcamp)
Mueve – Lido Pimienta (free)
La Rata – Lido Pimienta (soundcloud)

This Friday I’ll be at Love Bucket from 7pm but that will be it for me there or anywhere else for a while, most likely till early December. Stinky Grooves will also be a pre-record for the next month or two (and Dub may be helping out with one) but don’t worry the new tunes will keep coming, the shows will be fresh and I even have a Dub Special lined up sometime over the next two shows…Props to Lido Pimienta for winning the Polaris Award in Canada, its far too rare and ultra awesome to see artists that Stinky Grooves has doted on (especially female, strong, awesome ones) getting their dues, top notch.

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