Stinky Grooves 20.03.18

Stinky Grooves 20.03.18

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Walk & Skank (Tuff N Powa Remix) – Chopstick Dubplate feat Jah Screechy (Chopstick Dubplate)
Deya Now (Tuff N Powa Remix) – Chopstick Dubplate feat Demolition Man (Chopstick Dubplate)
Cut Off – Busy Signal (Kirkledove)
Pressure Dub – Suns Of Arqa (Suns Of Arqa bandcamp)
Boom Wah Da Da Deng Dub – Scientist Meets Hempress Sativa (Hempress Sativa bandcamp)
JT Space Cumbia – Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra (Fat Beats bandcamp)
Jimi’s Cumbia – Ohxalá (soundcloud)
Nectar De La Selva (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Pinchado (soundcloud)
Somos Orgánicos – Felipe Granda (soundcloud)
Alysha – Mehmet Aslan (Dischi Autunno)
Might as Well (Thomass Jackson Remix) – JP Soul (Roam Recordings bandcamp)
Twirl (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) – Sascha Funke (Endless Flight)
Today (I:Cube Aujord’Hui Beats) – Tornado Wallace ft. Sui Zhen (Running Back bandcamp)
Quicksilver Lips- The Modern Institute (Diagonal bandcamp)
A Path Of Weeds And Flowers – Lolina (Lolina bandcamp)
Style And Punishment – Lolina (Lolina bandcamp)
Swamp Bossa – Carnivorous Plant Society (Carnivorous Plant Society bandcamp)
Qwartz – JB Dunckel (Sony)
Lick Wid Nit Wit – The Sabres Of Paradise (Elastic Dreams bandcamp)
Who Me?- LAPS (MIC bandcamp)
Ring the Alarm – 700 Bliss (Halcyon Veil bandcamp)
Lion (Original Mix)- Rider Shafique (LAVALAVA)
Beasts – Mehmet Aslan (Dischi Autunno)
Mr. Dynamite – Creep Show (Bella Union bandcamp)
Lucerito – A1X (soundcloud)
Lala Belu – Hailu Mergia (Awesome Tapes From Africa bandcamp)
Dry Spell – Carnivorous Plant Society (Carnivorous Plant Society bandcamp)
The New King – Carnivorous Plant Society (Carnivorous Plant Society bandcamp)
Morning Myth – Dungen & Woods (Mexican Summer bandcamp)
Saint George – Dungen & Woods (Mexican Summer bandcamp)
Gravity Waves – E Ruscha (Beats In Space bandcamp)
Tokyo Metro – Creep Show (Bella Union bandcamp)
IV Cheeks – The Modern Institute (Diagonal bandcamp)
Red Flag – Amit (31 Records)
Ay Linda Amiga (Matias Aguayo Remix) – Amigas Cantan (Karaoke Kalk)
Loop – Dungen & Woods (Mexican Summer bandcamp)
Betrayal – Lolina (Lolina bandcamp)
The Mod Trade – The Black Beats (WPFC)
Fall – Creep Show (Bella Union bandcamp)

It’s a busy one pon decks this week. On Thursday, Geezer Guy, Cian and myself will assemble ourselves into the Club Sandwich arrangement and set metaforical fire to the back of Golden Dawn. Shaft & Voom up front, it’s the night before the penultimate night ever of GD and rather chuffed that we were asked to do this one, tenner on the gate. Friday – Love Bouquet, where else frankly, if you’re coming down my tip is between 8 & 10ish, outside of that it’s invariably well rammerated (unless thats your thing). On Saturday Dub & myself will be roping in the Ranks and rarking up a Riverhead reggaematical ripple at Hallertau from 12.30 on…. That should do it.

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