Stinky Grooves 20.09.16

Stinky Grooves 20.09.16

Way back Home – Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari (Dub Store)
Haleva – The Gaslamp Killer feat. Amir Yaghmai (Gaslamp Killer)
La Grua (Tolouse Low Trax -The Interview Remix) – Sano (Cómeme)
TpushA – Acapulco Zombie (soundcloud)
Oaxaca – DJ Caution (soundcloud)
sensoll – .zigo (bandcamp)
Mano Arriba – Hnry (soundcloud)
Trenzas – Intiche (soundcloud)
Oropéndula – Shushupe (folcore)
Cobra Kush – Von Party Naduve (Multi Culti)
The Joy Of Lina (Farha) – Ihsan Al Munzer (Fortuna)
Focus on the Middle East – Ishfahan Farid (Sonorama)
Knock On Wood – Sidney Dale (Sonorama)
Another Form of Fatigue – Bot’ox (I’m A Cliche)
Dope Rider – SPR! (Hoga Knord)
Redacted 1 – Not Waving (Ecstatic)
New Humans (Fragmented) – DARKPYRAMID (bandcamp)
Fuglekongen (Gammal Mungolian mix) – Bjorn Torske (Smalltown Supersound)
Subaru Pesha (Roman Flügel Dub) – Red Axes, Moscoman, Krikor (soundcloud)
Jamileh – Ihsan Al Munzer (Fortuna)
Sunset Drive – DJ Python (Proibito)
Gammalaser Kill – The Gaslamp Killer feat. Malcolm Catto & MRR (Gaslamp Killer)
Missin You – Silver Apples (Chicken Coop Recordings)
SensoI – .zigo (bandcamp)
Its Up To You – Bogus Order (Ahead Of Our Time)
SF-SF – Uncle O (I’m A Cliche)
Pour Nadia – Etienne Jaumet (I’m A Cliche)
Groundhog – Flowdan feat. Animai (Tru Thoughts)
Bow They Will ! ! ! – Odd Nosdam (bandcamp)
Subaru Pesha (Roman Flügel Dub) – Red Axes, Moscoman, Krikor (soundcloud)
Bullnose Step – Bogus Order (Ahead Of Our Time)
Residual Tingles – – The Gaslamp Killer (Gaslamp Killer)
Killing My Heart (Instrumental) – Harleighblu X Starkiller (Tru Thoughts)
Ever U Want – Surly (soundcloud)
Brian – RüF Dug 9 (Rüf Kutz)
18 18 – Dean Blunt (soundcloud)
La Grua – Sano feat. DJH (Cómeme)
Boumpam – Aris San (Fortuna)
Cobra Kush (Peter Power Remix) – – Von Party Naduve (Multi Culti)

We have lift off..Verona friday etc etc

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good evening, I know its late…a couple of days late…but its spring equinox and seven milli-second concentric circles…candidates on a bus….what a great show…thanks so much yet again four the wonderful raydeo…

peace and much love c loin craig….i love you stinkey jim…and will write a poem about it

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